How Not to Make Mommy Friends

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my mom friends. Somewhere between institutionalized and 400 lbs. is my guess.

As someone who floundered for the better part of eight long months as a new mother, it wasn’t until I discovered my online birth club that I began to feel capable of motherhood. Having a personal online army of moms screwing up, owning their faults, and cheering me on made all the difference for me.

Just in case you doubt my commitment to the mom cause, just know that I named my blog Mommyfriend (which is a totally bigger statement than even a sleeve tattoo if you ask me). I even wrote about how to go about finding your mom tribe here. You get the point: mom friends matter.

But for every amazing mom friend I’ve made, there have been a few frenemies along the way. Oh, if only motherhood made mommy friends by default.

Check out these annoying mom traits you’ll want to avoid when looking for lasting mom friendships, after the jump!

  • Be a one-upper 1 of 10
    Be a one-upper
    Just as I excitedly tell you my son is learning to read, you tell me your kindergartener reads at a second grade level. Geez Lady, throw a mom a bone!
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  • Say anything negative… 2 of 10
    Say anything negative...
    ...about my husband, my kids, or my pediatrician. I however, reserve the right to complain about all three as they belong to me.
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  • Act like the first person ever to become a mom 3 of 10
    Act like the first person ever to become a mom
    Because you're not. I know this because I'm one, too. Just because you crossed the mom finish line first doesn't make you an expert on my kid.
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  • Be a Debbie Downer 4 of 10
    Be a Debbie Downer
    We know bad things happen to kids every day. Rehashing gory details and insisting on only talking about the negatives make you more exhausting than a colicky infant.
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  • Have all the answers 5 of 10
    Have all the answers
    Please don't be the mom who has all the answers to everyone's parenting woes, including the woes they don't even know they have.
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  • Compare our kids 6 of 10
    Compare our kids
    Every kid is different and develops at his or her own rate. Your child has strengths and weaknesses, just like mine. Let's not compare.
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  • Talk about your kids incessantly 7 of 10
    Talk about your kids incessantly
    Your ability to talk about anything beyond your own kids is absolutely vital to the survival of our kickass friendship.
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  • Be demanding 8 of 10
    Be demanding
    Motherhood is demanding enough without the added pressure of a friend who can't take no for an answer. Ease up on your expectations or risk getting mom dumped.
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  • Be a selfish scheduler 9 of 10
    Be a selfish scheduler
    Your daughter naps between 1-3pm. Our son naps between 12-2pm. You be sensitive to my scheduling needs, and I'll be sensitive to yours.
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  • Judge other mothers’ parenting choices 10 of 10
    Judge other mothers' parenting choices
    The day we forget we're all doing the best we can is the day we become hard to be friends with. Image credit: Shutterstock

For a complete list of mom friend rules of engagement, check out The Mommy Friend Commandments.

What are your mom friend turn-offs?

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