How Often Do Your Kids Bathe?

With Addie’s curly hair I’ve admitted on several occasions that we don’t wash her hair all that often. Once, maybe twice a week. Any more than that and it dries out turning into a limp frizzy halo of something resembling curls hanging off of her head. That doesn’t mean I don’t throw her in the shower more often than that to clean all those other parts of hers, but she certainly doesn’t shower daily. First of all her skin would give up and dry out leaving me with a lizard of a child and second, she’s just not that stinky in winter.

In summer it’s a different story, between sweat, sunshine and sunscreen, most evenings Addie smells more like a wet dog than a child. I asked around to find out how often my friends’ kids bathed and while I knew every family was different, some of the answers surprised me.

“Oh, once a week on Saturday night, so they look pulled together for church.”

“EVERYDAY! It’s part of their evening routine.”

When we got back from Florida I had to plunk Addie in the tub with several cups of conditioner on her head, between multiple showers and twice daily trips to the pool her hair had thrown up the white flag and turned to straw. I left behind two clean kids in the hands of their capable father as I left to Nashville for the week.

Last night I couldn’t help but notice that Addie’s hair looked a bit…stressed. I knew it wasn’t going to get properly combed while I was gone but it also wasn’t washed while I was gone. Last night in bed I asked Cody “So, Addie took a shower this week right?” He thought about it for a moment and replied “No, but both kids are still alive.”

Needless to say four straight days of solo parenting duty earned Cody a few extra stripes as he’s never done two by himself for so long, and it’s true, they’re both still alive and wildly in love with that guy of theirs.

I can’t fathom showering Addie head to toe everyday for several different reasons however I don’t allow her to escape her showerly duties as personal hygiene is not something we take lightly in this house, I refuse to be the parent to the stinky kid.

How do you decide when your kids bathe? Is it dictated by routine, convenience or the odor emanating from your offspring?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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