How Sofia the First Inspired My Children to Make a Difference


With three small kids, our mornings are pretty hectic. My husband gets up in the wee hours of the morning to catch the train into the city, and my son, Macks, wakes up shortly after. I usually bring him to bed with me until my girls barge into my room to wake us up for the day — which still feels like the wee hours.

I pick up the baby and follow the girls downstairs as they both give me their breakfast orders. To give me a little more time in the kitchen (because sometimes I tend to drag my feet a little that early in the morning) I always turn on Disney Junior. It’s a great way to keep them entertained, and I never have to worry about what they are watching.

Their favorite show hands down is Sofia the First. We have the costumes, the books, and even the T-shirt. It’s fair to say that they are officially obsessed. I am completely okay with it and admit that I enjoy watching the show with them. Each episode always has a positive meaning behind it and is a great lesson for all of us (yes, even the adults). So you can imagine their excitement when I told them that we had the chance to go and see Sofia herself at the “Pirates and Princess Power of Doing Good” event in NYC.

While they were excited to see Sofia (and Jake, too), I was more excited that they would have the chance to learn just how powerful they really are. The event was based around four pillars: community, storytelling, animals, and nature. Each pillar included a fun activity that had a powerful message behind it.

As we made our way into the event, the girls were given Sofia crowns to start their adventure discovering the four pillars of doing good. After each station, the girls received stickers that they added to their crowns.

And so our journey began …



Although they are only two and four, my daughters soon learned that there are simple things they can do to give back to their community. From helping their friends, to turning off the water when they brush their teeth, to even making their grandparents smile, they are helping the people around them. They were able to pick a magnet with these phrases on them and stick it to the castle wall to help build the community of Enchancia.



One of their favorite activities was going through the storytelling maze. They were each given a storybook that was written with only a few blanks for them to fill in to complete their story. By going through the maze, turning the wheel to find what goes in their story, and stamping in the appropriate spaces, they were able to create a unique and creative story that was all their own.



Harlan and Avery are huge animal lovers, so the animal friends stop was a hit with both of them. They helped care for Sofia’s (stuffed) animal friends by brushing their hair and giving them food, a home, and lots of love.



Finally we made our way over to the nature station, where we helped care for Jake’s beach. The girls got to dig through the sand to find nature’s treasures and put them in the appropriate treasure chest. By recycling the right items, they learned that taking care of nature can help others enjoy it for years to come.

Probably my favorite station of the entire event was The Forever Tree (pictured above). Each girl made a power promise by signing their name on a bracelet and adding it to The Forever Tree Promise Chain. The girls each promised to be kind and caring to people and animals.

The event ended with a performance from everyone’s favorite pirate and princess, Jake and Sofia!

To find out more about the Power of Doing Good and to see if Jake and Sofia are making a stop in your city, check out the Disney Junior website.


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