How To Ease Your Kids Into Appreciating The Arts

toopy and binooBefore you scroll through here, click back and read the discussion on whether or not it’s appropriate to bring a kid to a concert.

I don’t think it is, really. That said, I do think there are live performances that are great for kids. Live theatre, live dance, and community events are a great way for kids to learn to appreciate the arts.

Kids won’t always sit still for a ballet, symphony, or play, but they will pay attention when their favorite stars are on the stage.

Want your kid to learn to appreciate theatre, song, and dance? Take them to live shows from their faves like The Doodlebops, Caillou, or The Backyardigans.

If they see characters on stage when they’re 4, it’s probably not such a big leap to take them to see the ballet perform Alice In Wonderland,” says Patti Caplette, a choreographer and playwright with Koba Entertainment. “They completely then understand the form of theatre, and mime. I think it’s a door to ballet and other kinds of theatre.

Patti Caplette has performed with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She toured the world for 20 years performing in more than 400 cities and 19 countries. The stage has been her life, and with that resume she now designs shows for kids.

Caplette’s latest is a production of Toopy and Binoo (American readers might not get this show, but it is a wild adventure through a rat and cat’s imagination. If you think In The Night Garden is bizarre, you should see how free associatingly wild Toopy and Binoo are).

Because Toopy is an imaginative character, everything in his world comes to life and gives Caplette license to bring a cast of nearly 200 characters to the production. While Toopy and Binoo are merely big mascots, the rest of the cast are real dancers in costumes that you might find in a more formal stage production.

“I have to think we’re definitely perpetuating the love of theatre,” adds Caplette. “I hope that continues to be part of their cultural life later on and we’re doing the whole of society a favor for making it a wonderful evening.”

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