How To Fix The Sh*t Our Kids Have Ruined

Having kids is messy work! I don’t need to tell you that because surely if you are a parent, you have had your child break, tear or shred up something of yours. If not yet, it will happen I’m sure of it.

Last month, I shared some hilariously bad photos from Sh*t My Kids that highlighted just how much trouble kids can get into. It happens to the best of kids and to the best of parents — frustrating none the less.

My kids have this motto that they’ve learned from me, since I am terribly klutzy, “Accidents always happen“. Not sometimes, but always. It’s inevitable. With one pair of adult eyes,  3 curious brains and 6 quick-acting hands, we can have our back turned for a minute and all heck can break loose.  Our stuff just isn’t always safe with young and curious kids around.

Not all hope is lost though! There are some situations that are fixable — and a simple one at that!

Click through for easy fixes to 10 common things our kids break:

  • Permanent Marker on Car 1 of 10
    Permanent Marker on Car
    The Problem: Unsupervised for 2 minutes and the kid decided to go all Picasso on your car.
    The Solution: Nothing a little hairspray can't fix! Spray a soft cloth with hairspray and gently rub on the spot. It should come right off!
    Photo Credit: Sh*t My Kids Ruined
  • Nail Polish on Leather Couch 2 of 10
    Nail Polish on Leather Couch
    The Problem: Your kid decided it was time for a pedicure and thought the couch was in need.
    The Solution: Acetone-free nail polish remover to the rescue. First wipe off any polish you can with a cloth and do a test spot on your leather. If it can withstand the non-oily polish, give it a gentle wipe over.
    Photo Credit: Sh*t My Kids Ruined
  • Crayon on the Walls 3 of 10
    Crayon on the Walls
    The Problem: You left your kid in their room overnight with a stowaway crayon.
    The Solution: Magic eraser to the rescue. Dampen and rub over the crayon and it should come right off. For the tough-to-remove - use with vinegar.
    Photo Credit: Accustomed Chaos
  • Broken Eggs on the Floor 4 of 10
    Broken Eggs on the Floor
    The Problem: Your trying to be helpful kid dropped a carton of eggs onto the floor
    The Solution: Cover the eggs with salt and leave for 10 minutes. After just wipe away with a damp cloth and voila!
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Disabled iPod 5 of 10
    Disabled iPod
    The Problem: Your kid got a hold of your iPod and tried to get past the password.
    The Solution: Using your USB, connect your iPod to the computer you last synced to. Follow the steps and you should be back in. If not - consult Apple
    Photo Credit: Sh*t My Kids Ruined
  • Gum in Hair 6 of 10
    Gum in Hair
    The Problem: Kids decided playing with gum was so fun and it got tangled into someone's hair.
    The Solution: Thanks to the oil in peanut butter it is the perfect fix. Slather affected hair with the sandwich spread and let sit for 10 minutes. After brush out with a comb and wash.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Wet iPhone 7 of 10
    Wet iPhone
    The Problem: You left your phone out where your kids could get it and they wanted to see if it floated.
    The Solution: Turn off your phone and seal in an airtight container filled with rice. Leave for 24-48 hours and the rice should pull out all the water.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Food Coloring on Skin 8 of 10
    Food Coloring on Skin
    The Problem: Having fun with your kids and you turn your back for a moment and food coloring all over.
    The Solution: Mix together 3Tbs of salt with 5Tbs of vinegar to form a paste. Slather all over food colored skin and gently scrub. Continue until all pigment is removed.
    Photo Credit: Sh*t My Kids Ruined
  • Sex Life 9 of 10
    Sex Life
    The Problem: You have kids and you're tired and your sex life has plummeted.
    The Solution: Get creative and make it important. Some simple steps to follow here on Babble
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Hole in the Wall 10 of 10
    Hole in the Wall
    The Problem: Kids were roughhousing and an arm or elbow went through the wall.
    The Solution: Purchase yourself a drywall repair kit and make the kids fix it using the simple instructions from How Stuff Works
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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