How to Get Your Kid's Face on Spider-Man's Body

cool superhero giftsIf you’ve got a young boy you know what the superhero phase is all about.

They love the shows, the action figures, and the costumes.

Ah, the superhero costumes. Most days you’re lucky if you can get him out of it long enough for a bath.

Check out these pictures of kids obsessed with wearing their costumes everywhere.

What if you could make your kid a superhero? A real one.

After the jump, how artists will make your kid’s fantasy come true with a cool superhero gift.

The Comics Factory is a stable of artists who have licensed the likeness of Marvel® Comics superheroes to be done up like you, your family, or your kid.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Marvel® would sign up for this kind of family involvement. Back in May a story broke about a boy who wouldn’t wear his hearing aid because he thought Superheroes didn’t wear them. Mom petitioned Marvel® to create a hero to inspire her kid, and The Blue Ear was born. Genius.

This is that sort of inspirational stuff you can have created by The Comics Factory, or you can go with the traditional arsenal of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, or Iron Man.

The process is simple. You fire off a photo, work with an artist to get the right background image, and end up with a real piece of canvas art showcasing your family as superheroes.

Check out some of the examples:

  • Superhero Squad 1 of 9
    Superhero Squad
    Get your kid's pic on their favorite hero surrounded by his favorite team.
  • Custom Characters 2 of 9
    Custom Characters
    You don't have to go with the brand names, pic your own colors and costumes.
  • Superfamily 3 of 9
    Now that would make for a fun Christmas card.
  • Hulk 4 of 9
    Got a little one that can't control their temper?
  • Superfamily 5 of 9
    You can choose different costumes and colors.
  • Iron Man 6 of 9
    Iron Man
    Look out Robert Downey Jr.
  • Thor 7 of 9
    The Super Hero Squad takes the traditional heroes and cartoons them up even more for kids.
  • Father And Son 8 of 9
    Father And Son
    The perfect team.
  • Super Toddler 9 of 9
    Super Toddler
    Even the very young have super skills.

All images courtesy The Comics Factory. Used with permission.

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