How To Make Movember A Family Affair

welcome to movemberMovember is in full swing.

I hope if there’s a Mo’ Bro in your household, they’ve registered at, got their prostate checked, and are raising some money.

To go along with the men of the house and their Mos, here are some fun accessories to have the whole family take part in the Movember madness:

  • Have A Seat 1 of 25
    Have A Seat
    I'm sorry, but this one is plain weird. Could you use this toilet with the feeling someone is watching you?
    Get it at Etsy for $12
  • Keep Calm And Grow A Mustache 2 of 25
    Keep Calm And Grow A Mustache
    What was once a wartime poster to keep Londoners happy has morphed into a modern meme.
    via Tumblr
  • Moustache Mug 3 of 25
    Moustache Mug
    These fun mustache mugs will have you flying the Movember flag with each sip.
    via Design Boom
  • Wine Opener 4 of 25
    Wine Opener
    Now this is a fun way to add a splash of Movember to your life every day. A simple Moustache that is a handlebar wine opener.
    Purchase on Amazon for $8.50
  • Crustache 5 of 25
    Nobody likes the crusts on their sandwich, but everyone loves a crustache!
    via Geek Alerts
  • Moustachifier 6 of 25
    There are DIY versions floating around the web, but those foam moustache add-ons could be choking hazards. If you want your infant to show a Mo, get the Moustachifier.
    Purchase from Amazon for $9.95
  • Moustache Bib 7 of 25
    Moustache Bib
    A very cute limited edition bib is bandana style, and made of organic cotton.
    via Supermarket HQ for $21
  • Chocolate Moustache 8 of 25
    Chocolate Moustache
    If you're a chocolate artist, this is a great way to make your moustache tasty!
    via Windy And Friends
  • Moustache Bandages 9 of 25
    Moustache Bandages
    Razor cuts are made cuter this month with these bandages. They also make great finger moustache accessories!
    Get it at Incredible Things for $7
  • Moustache Onesie 10 of 25
    Moustache Onesie
    "I mustache you a question.." almost needs to be read in a Sean Connery accent. Lol.
    Buy it at Amazon for $17.99
  • Fake Moustaches 11 of 25
    Fake Moustaches
    Just as with harsh haircuts, there is that awkward in-between phase when it's not fully grown in. These fake moustaches will help your hubby fill in the gap, and I'm sure the kids will love wearing them around the house or to school.
    Purchase from Amazon for $5.94
  • I <3 Mo's 12 of 25
    I <3 Mo's
    You can have NY, I'll take that the stache.
    Get it at Cafe Press for $15
  • Twibbon 13 of 25
    A Twibbon is a little piece of clip art that you can add to Facebook and Twitter pictures to show your support for a cause. It's a quick and easy way to get an instant moustache. There are a variety of Twibbons for Movember.
    Add a Twibbon to your profile pic
  • Downloads / Printables 14 of 25
    Downloads / Printables
    Raves has two collections of vector graphics that you can download and add to various images, or use as free printables. I used one of their moustaches to add to my son's picture at the top of the page.
    Print out some free moustaches from Rants and Raves
  • Moustache Party 15 of 25
    Moustache Party
    If there is a birthday party to be had this month, maybe the kids will want to be just like dad and have a Moustache Party!
    Check out how to throw a Moustache Party on Squidoo
  • Moustache On A Stick 16 of 25
    Moustache On A Stick
    Everyone can have a moustache for your Movember bash with these clever sticks from Whisker Works.
    You can purchase on Etsy for $24
  • Moustache Stickers 17 of 25
    Moustache Stickers
    From binders to bumper stickers, show your moustache love everywhere.
    You can purchase on Etsy for $10
  • Moustache Collar 18 of 25
    Moustache Collar
    Mom, dad, and the kids aren't the only ones who can support Movember. Check out this kitty collar.
    Purchase on Etsy for $8
  • Team Mohawk 19 of 25
    Team Mohawk
    James can't grow a moustache. He has tried before, and just ended up with annoying fuzz. He wants to supported the cause, so he's sporting a different Mo - a Mohawk. And wouldn't you know it? A few kids are getting on board to raise money and show support.
    Team Mohawk is officially registered at
  • Moustache Tie 20 of 25
    Moustache Tie
    If the boss is now impressed by the fur lip growing this month, make it a little more formal by tying on a complete moustache.
    You can purchase on Etsy for $15
  • Moustache Ring 21 of 25
    Moustache Ring
    These rings are very sweet and subtle ways to show your Mo' Sista support for the Mo' Bros this month.
    You can purchase on Etsy for $4.50
  • Raspberry Beret 22 of 25
    Raspberry Beret
    A fine beret with a moustache topper is a perfect of Mary Tyle Movember-Moore.
    Purchase on Etsy for £45.00
  • Moustache Dress 23 of 25
    Moustache Dress
    I absolutely love this dress. So chic and .. well .. um .. moustached.
    Purchase on Etsy for $59
  • Moustache Earrings 24 of 25
    Moustache Earrings
    While your husband's moustache is a very BOLD sign of the cause, you can still be on the team in a subtle way with these discreet earrings.
    Purchase on Etsy for $6
  • Moustache Beard Hat 25 of 25
    Moustache Beard Hat
    There was a short-lived competitor for Movember called "Novembeard." This hat will help you celebrate both.
    Check it out on Etsy

A caveat MUST be added to this list of fun moustache-able accessories. Movember is useless without people raising money or getting checked.

Awareness is easy with this one, it is such a silly meme that everyone wants to play along. That’s all well and good, but money and getting checked needs to happen as well. Please register at and encourage the men in your life to have their prostate checked.

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