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Mom Swaps Are The New Garage Sale

A new trend has started that is seeing Moms get together in Mom Swaps and has them trading onesies, diaper bags, books, strollers, and toys.

You can try and sell your old stroller on Craigslist, but it can be a hassle arranging pickup, payment, and such. You can have a garage sale, and hang on the lawn all day waiting for randoms to drive by, or you can blow it out all at once.

Mom Swaps concentrate the audience and people can turn around a lot of things they no longer need for some serious money. There is strength in numbers and it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

My wife would easily make $300+ in a few hours working a table selling old toys and sleepers, and at the same time she would be able to wander tables of the other moms and get great deals. So this past weekend she organized her own.

If you’re wanting to organize a Mom Swap, here are some of the lessons my wife learned:

  • Two Different Prices 1 of 7
    Two Different Prices
    Have one price for moms, one price for pros. Keep it affordable for moms to sell their gear, but also let in some home based businesses into the room. Our prices were $30 for moms, $60 for pros.

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  • Limit Professionals 2 of 7
    Limit Professionals
    Since you only charge $30-$50 for table rental, many home based business types will jump at the cheaper than trade show prices to reach an audience. Set aside 1/3 or 1/4 for pros, and be careful or you'll have 5 or more people selling th same Scentsy stuff.

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  • Spread Your Network 3 of 7
    Spread Your Network
    Reach out to as many facebook, twitter, community groups as you can to publicize. we put up posters in libraries, churces, and more to promote the event.
  • Location, Location, Location 4 of 7
    Location, Location, Location
    Finding a community centre, gym, or hall can be a challenge, especially in wedding season. The best time for the sales is at the change of seasons, when people need winter clothes, or summer gear. The best months are October, and March/April.
  • Star Early, Finish Early 5 of 7
    Star Early, Finish Early
    If you've ever had a garage sale, you know the biggest business you do is right at the beginning. Make your sale short and sweet to bring everyone in and create a bit of a frenzy at the tables. don't be afraid to start at 9a, or earlier. Keep your sale to 4 hrs, max.

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  • Add A Charity Angle 6 of 7
    Add A Charity Angle
    My wife did the sale as a fundraiser for Team Diabetes (we run marathons in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association). We charged $2 at the door, and approached local business for silent auction items. It added a sense of community to the event and raised more than $1500. The charity aspect may also help you negotiate a cheaper hall rental.
  • Add Another Charity Angle 7 of 7
    Add Another Charity Angle
    People will be left with unused items at the end of the sale. We told Goodwill about our sale, they came by at the end of the day and picked up all the items people couldn't sell and took them to their stores.

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