How to Prepare Your Kids for a Zombie Apocalypse

I know we all hate to think about the possibility of an impending zombie apocalypse. Zombies are scary. We’re afraid of them. But I maintain that if you are prepared, you shall not fear.

The Walking Dead’s 3rd season premiers this weekend. I’m excited because if that show is about anything [other than horrifying zombie carnage], it’s about raising awareness–Zombie apocalypse survival awareness.

There are 2 ways to think about a zombie apocalypse. Some people want to be the first to go. Why bother surviving when survival is a hopeless prospect? Why fight to live in a world populated by soulless, brain-feasting monsters?

That attitude is for chickens.

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What about the indomitable spirit we as  humans possess? That’s the spirit behind the 2nd way of thinking about a zombie apocalypse which is to survive, dang it,  at all costs. To survive, nay thrive, as we rebuild from the ashes and fight to maintain some semblance of our culture and dignity. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

So, with regard to preparing your kids for a zombie apocalypse: It probably won’t happen, but in case it does, here are a few things to work on with your kids [before it’s too late].

Good luck my friend. I wish you all the best. And, should the zombie apocalypse ever come, I hope we’re not on opposite sides of a land grab for provisions and precious medical supplies. (See #2). Valle con dios!

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