How To Spot an Insomniac Parent

Remember when we were kids (or even just watching our own kids now) how we would do like everything we could think of to NOT to go sleep? My kids fake stomach aches, hunger, make up ‘super important’ things they just have to tell me now — they can get quite creative to avoid having to catch their zzz’s.

Oh what I wouldn’t do for a full, rested night of sleep now. The clock hits 6pm and I am counting the seconds until the kids are up in their rooms, tucked into bed. I still have to practically beg the kids to stay in their room, but usually by 9pm they are all fast asleep (sometimes my youngest is awake still, but we co-sleep for the most time). Then I work for a while, tidy up the house, read a book or watch tv and then the time comes for me to fall asleep.

Only it doesn’t happen. Insomnia is a mean thing. I have been battling with it for a few months — part of a post-traumatic stress symptom that I am working through. It makes things silly-harder then it needs to be and sometimes all I can do is laugh at it. Sleeplessness makes me feel drunk, half alive and makes me do some weird things.

Turns out, us insomniacs are pretty easy to spot. If you look beyond our tired eyes, there are some other pretty obvious clues. Click through for easy ways to spot an insomniac:

  • Celebrity or Tired? 1 of 6
    Celebrity or Tired?
    We have to do something to make ourselves look somewhat presentable so sunglasses it is. Day, night, sunny or cloudy, if we didn't get sleep, we are in sunglasses -- the bigger the better!
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  • Goes Here or There? 2 of 6
    Goes Here or There?
    Our brains do not want to function as well so things will be ... misplaced. Coffee on our toast, butter in our milk? Cereal in the fridge, orange juice in the cupboard -- not unusual.
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  • Embarrass our Kids 3 of 6
    Embarrass our Kids
    Lack of sleep seems to mean lack of fashion. Either our eyes don't work, or we don't give a (BLEEP) so we are the mismatched parents at the school bus pick up.
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  • Turn Into Toddlers 4 of 6
    Turn Into Toddlers
    You know how toddlers seem to change their mood at the drop of a hat? One second they are happy as clams then the next second, a ball of crying on the floor. Same thing for insomniacs.
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  • Turn into Tyrants 5 of 6
    Turn into Tyrants
    Oh the horror. Sleep equals low (or no) patience, and that brings out the short fuses and high tempers.
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  • Eh, This Will Do! 6 of 6
    Eh, This Will Do!
    I can not fall asleep at night, no matter how hard I try. The opposite is true for the day time. Put me on a semi-hard surface for more then three minutes and I am out. Insomniac's can and may fall asleep anywhere -- as long as it's an inappropriate time for sleep.
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:: What are your tips for dealing with insomnia? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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