How to Survive the Summer at Home with Your Kids

The countdown is still on for when my older kids are off school for the summer. I think there are only like 6 days left for them (they go every other day) and I know there are many of you who already have the kids on your hands for the summer.

I have admitted that I am scared for how I will handle them at home this year. I’m used to having them around, and this is the first summer that I have to re-adjust to always having them here. I think for the most part it is going to be awesome once we get our stuff in order and fall back into it.

I am looking to make summer both crazy fun and as calm as possible so I don’t end up bald from pulling my hair out. That won’t be a good look for me come September when they finally go back.

Click through for 8 tips on how to survive the summer home with your kids:

  • Sign Them up For Camp 1 of 8
    Sign Them up For Camp
    There are a lot of parents who swear this is the way to handle them home. It is especially helpful if you are having to work while the kids are off. There are a lot of options on different types of camp programs to choose from that will have you happy & your kid.
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  • Create a Summer Bucket List 2 of 8
    Create a Summer Bucket List
    At the start of the summer come up with a big list of things you and your kids want to do. That way when boredom hits, you will have a quick fix.
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  • Get Them in Summer Programs 3 of 8
    Get Them in Summer Programs
    Summer programs are kind of like camp, but more for just during the day. There are a lot of communities who offer different programs for a few weeks in the summer.
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  • Hire a Helper 4 of 8
    Hire a Helper
    Hire a babysitter or housekeeper to come in a few times month so you can keep your cool. If you hire a mother's helper, they aren't hard to come by in the summer as the older teens are off school too.
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  • Set a Goal 5 of 8
    Set a Goal
    Set a goal for the summer to have something in particular accomplished. Have your kid learn to tie their shoes, play basketball or read x amount of books. Good to focus on something.
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  • Activites! 6 of 8
    Kids don't always like to sleep and when you have them home with you all day, it's one of the biggest wishes. Try putting them in activities and programs during the day or early evening to help run out their energy. There are a lot of free things to fill their days with too -- check it out.
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  • Stick to a Routine 7 of 8
    Stick to a Routine
    Don't go crazy and get out of a routine. Get up at the same time every day, go to bed at the same time & have playtime scheduled.
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  • Stock up on Wine 8 of 8
    Stock up on Wine
    You know you will have more days than average you're going to want a glass or two.
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:: what are your survival tips for the summer ::

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