Humble Braggers, We Are Onto You

I laughed out loud when I read this article by Rhiana Maidenberg. The “humble brag” is one of my all time greatest pet peeves. It’s an annoyance that has been exacerbated in recent years by the rise of social media. It seems the temptation to subtly hint that your life is awesome is rendered irresistible when your reach is amplified through Facebook or twitter and broadcast to hundreds of friends and acquaintances.

Parenthood has it’s own league of humble bragging and Rhiana really nails some of my favorite brags wrapped up and disguised in complaints and false humility. Though, there are a few I would add to her list. Here are my contributions:

1. “I wish my kids would eat a simple happy meal like most children. Mine turn their nose up at anything that isn’t organic and hormone free.”

Wow. I bet it’s really painful watching your children consume all those fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, what do you do with all the spare time you don’t spend begging them to eat something healthy?

2. “I really envy working mothers. My husband insisted I quit my job so that I could be the one to raise our children once our first arrived.”

Not raising my kids is awesome. I love going to work all day and getting away from them. It must be devastating to live in a household sound enough to survive on a single income.

3.  “Packing for a family of four is exhausting. I just know I’m going to realize I’ve forgotten something vital when we touch down in Hawaii.”

I hope you remember your toothbrush, because sitting on a beach at a fabulous locale is just ruined if you don’t have fresh breath and I hear they don’t have stores there.

Have you heard a good humble brag lately? Share it in the comments. Then head over and read Rhiana’s hilarious round up.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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