I BBQ, My Wife Does Laundry, and Other Gender Stereotypes

Ah, The Traditional Family

The reaction to Cody’s 10 Things Moms Do Better Than Dads post this week has been outrageous. Honestly? I thought it was just Mommy Bloggers who went off and got emotional about silly little things that didn’t matter (stereotyping, I know).

The absolute anger that some have shouted at this silly little fluff piece for Mother’s Day is ridiculous.

One blogger went so far as to ask for him to be fired. Really? Because he doesn’t think Dads are as good as Moms at hugging? You bring that up in your next meeting with HR at your office and see what they say.

Stereotyping sucks. Many of us in this blogging community have blended roles in our family where parenting is a team sport. Still, stereotypes exist because they generalize things that are thought to be true. Just look at the past 48 hours in my family:

My wife washed the dishes after I made a barbecue dinner last night. (Woman. Clean. Grunt. Man. Fire. Cook.)

When we went to the zoo on the weekend, I was the one driving the family car. (Am I saying women can’t drive?)

My son scraped his knee on the driveway, my wife put on Toy Story band-aids and polysporin (I don’t even know where the band-aids are in our house).

While I settled in with the boys for stories, my wife put on the laundry (I don’t even know how to turn on the machine).

There are things that each of us do better in a family, which is why being a family is a team sport.

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Grocery Store Sign

Fighting against the generalization that says Men aren’t as qualified to be parents as Women is a great cause to take up. I bristled when Ikea created Manland as a place for men to be entertained while women shopped. I took umbrage with my local grocery store that seems to think Moms are the only ones who do groceries. Still, the stereotypes exist. While we may blur the lines of defined roles in the family, sometimes we fall into the same patterns of caregiving our Moms, Grandfathers, etc. had.

And there’s nothing. wrong. with. that.

Dads have been good at raising their voices in objection lately. Many got together to challenge Huggies over a silly campaign portraying Dads as doofuses. I actually thought Huggies had it right with earlier campaigns where they showed Dads as engaged diaper changers.


That’s a situation all parents can relate to, starring Dad. Awesome.

If you’re a blogger, you know what link bait is. It’s something outrageous to generate traffic. TIME Magazine and Newsweek this week have gone with covers that are the print media version of link bait.

The most-read piece I have written for Babble is “10 Things Wives Should Never Say To Their Husbands.” It’s the most ridiculous piece of writing I have ever done, and it has more than 20x the traffic of any other piece I’ve written.

We all know that vegetables are good for us. But sometimes we like to click on a little dessert. Cut Cody some slack. The rest of his work is great, and if he’s not so good at hugging, maybe we should take that as a cue and teach him.

Let’s hug it out, bitches.

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