I Bought My Wife A Vacuum For Mother's Day

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Moms like appliances and flowers.  Dads like barbecues and tools. Those are the stereotypical messages marketers will blast at us for the months of May and June.

They’re based on old-school gender roles that say Moms run the family, and house, while Dads rule the yard and garage. Okay, I’ll give you that is most likely the case, but roles have evolved in many of our families to the point where we’re all doing everything.

Still – some will bristle at the notion that Mom receive an appliance or some other housework related tool for Mother’s Day. The opposition says it underlines what Moms have to do around the house and enslaves them even more to the chores instead of giving them free time for themselves. There’s nothing indulgent about receiving a vacuum for Mother’s Day. Or is there?

I bought my wife a vacuum for Mother’s Day last year and guess what? She loved it.

Now I didn’t just get her any vacuum, I bought her a Dyson. Dyson is to vacuums as Apple is to computers. They’re elegant, stylish, and easy to use. She squealed. She did the clap and the cheer and the everything. +1 for me. And it was a vacuum.

Thou Shalt Not Give Thy Wife An Appliance As A Gift

According to the 5th commandment “Thou Shalt Not Give Thy Wife An Appliance As A Gift”, I committed a mortal sin.

Why is that? I gave her what she wanted – a chance to do her “job” easier. (And I do say “job” here, my wife and I have division of chores that sees me do the grocery shopping and cooking while she does the cleaning.) If she gives me a new hand blender, should I be offended that she’s just underlining the work I do at home? No way, I’d love one of those to do my “job” better.

So if your guy gives you a vacuum, a toaster, or a new ironing board for Mother’s Day, don’t be disappointed. Be thankful that he’s grateful for what you do around the house and would like to help you find a way to be more efficient at it. By making housework easier, he really is giving you time for you. Just don’t get us a tie for Father’s Day – we have dozens of those. A hand blender would be awesome though.

In the end, if the gift comes from a good place, that’s all that should matter.  For the opposite side of the coin, check out this list of highly inappropriate ads taken from an era of Mad Men that would surely lead to a Sunday of Mad Moms:

  • Keep Up With The House 1 of 10
    Keep Up With The House
    As if they didnt realize housework was a workout, Total cereal offers up added benefits.

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • Happier With A Hoover 2 of 10
    Happier With A Hoover
    This is exactly how my wife looked when she opened her vacuum present.
    br>Image Credit: Mediascope
  • It’s A Wifesaver 3 of 10
    It's A Wifesaver
    This range stops the needless sacrifice of many a SAHM.

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • It’s Nice To Have A Girl 4 of 10
    It's Nice To Have A Girl
    Somehow I don't think a Tiger Mom would let her husband "walk all over her."

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • Think Of Her As Your Mother 5 of 10
    Think Of Her As Your Mother
    As if flying wasn't bad enough, now you get to fly with your Mother (in-Law).

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • It’s A Man’s World 6 of 10
    It's A Man's World
    So THIS is how that whole "Dads love ties" thing started.

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • Now She Can Cook Breakfast 7 of 10
    Now She Can Cook Breakfast
    Phew, cause the whole family was starving without the knowledege to make toast.

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • The Harder A Wife Works 8 of 10
    The Harder A Wife Works
    Finally, the secret of life: "Vitamins, Darling! I always get my vitamins."

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • You Didn’t Burn The Beer 9 of 10
    You Didn't Burn The Beer
    Can you imagine what would have happened if she did burn the beer?

    Image Credit: Mediascope
  • That’s What Wives Are For 10 of 10
    That's What Wives Are For
    In case you didn't have a job description, you do now.

    Image Credit: Mediascope

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