I Can’t Give You 10 Reasons Why I Love Mothering a Girl

My beautiful friend and fellow Kid Scoop blogger, Lori, recently wrote The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Mothering Boys.

My little guy is just 2 and I found myself nodding along with each of her reasons.

I loved her piece so much that I thought I’d tackle my top 10 reasons for why I love mothering a girl.

I grabbed my Macbook Pro and a mug of gingerbread latte and settled onto the couch, prepared to offer up my reasons for why I love being Katie’s mom.

But, as I sat there, staring at the screen, I realized that although I love the girly girl stuff like manicures and playing dress up, my reasons can’t be distilled into 10 things.

Each reason colors the others so much that the lines blur and distinctions are difficult to make.

When I was a child, we didn’t have money for many extras.

There was no money for ballet lessons or gymnastics or college.

But my mother was there. Always.

I always dreamed of having a daughter so that I could give her all of those extra things that my mother just couldn’t give me.

I dreamed of recitals, trips, shopping sprees.

The moment when the sonographer told us that we were having a girl, I felt a calm…a release.

My girl. Our girl.

Having a daughter meant that I could provide a little girl with all of those things that I didn’t have.

And with each passing year, my daughter teaches more than I ever dreamed possible.

While I’m so incredibly grateful that we have the means to give her more than I had as a child, what matters most is that I’m here with her, just as my mother was for me.

And if it came down to choosing between those extras and being here with her as she’s growing up, I would make the same choice my own mother made.

My gratitude for Katie’s presence in my life knows no bounds.

I appreciate all of the things that she has helped me to learn already and I’m so eager to see what other lessons she has in store for me.

Now, please go read Lori’s awesome post. I promise, it will leave you smiling.

What’s your favorite thing about having a daughter?

I’d love to hear about it!

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