I Did Nothing Today. And I Don’t Really Care.

I decided not to work today. It wasn’t a First for Women mag kind of day, so normally I write multiple Babble blogs, work on an ongoing writing project, write personal essays with the intent to sell, research and pitch to editors.

But, today I didn’t feel like doing anything. As a self-employed writer and fashion editor, it’s hard to rationalize personal or vacation days because no one is giving them to me. I gave one to myself today. Here’s what I did: 

I requested uncle Bri to bring JD to school. He did. Bye.

I laid in bed.

I got Starbucks.

I showered for a good forty-minutes with a Bliss mask on and deep conditioning rinse in my hair.

I laid on the couch and listened to music, and watched my neighbor from across the block smoking a hookah on his balcony.

I visited JD for lunch and read a book to his class (this is something the school encourages and something I’ve never done in the three years he’s been at this school). I brought his teachers coffee. It was a big surprise for JD and he was thrilled! Obv.

I sat at a little table and chatted with JD as he ate his turkey sandwich and tomatoes. His friends asked me tons of questions that ranged from “Do you have a job?” to “What’s your favorite color?” to “Why are there ice cubes in your coffee?” They were also very observant. “Your earrings are shaped like diamonds!” As was I, “Eat your noodles, they look so yummy!” (I couldn’t help encouraging this little guy to eat.)

After lunch, the children eagerly found spots on the carpet and JD set up two tiny, white chairs. He was super proud to sit with me while I read his favorite book (to date): Clever Jack Takes The Cake.

Pssst: It’s a great book for single moms; it’s about Jack who lives with his mom and there’s no mention of dad. I pointed out sight words for the kids and they sounded them out. I did different voices: a deep, gurgled voice as the troll; an annoyed prissy voice as the Princess; and a sweet humble voice as Jack. The children laughed and clapped. I have to say, I loved it. I loved being with the kids.

When we got to the part where Jack learns the Princess is allergic to berries, JD’s friend, G, yelled out, “I have a nut allergy, Jack’s mom!” I found this exceptional. Children need to be in control of their allergies. I complimented G’s mom via a Facebook message this afternoon. “Go girl!!” was what I wrote.

When I was done reading, the children asked questions. A little girl wanted to know if the Princess had a name. There was no mention of her name. “Hmmmm,” I winked at her and said, “her name is … Julia!” I gave everyone a high-five and JD’s friend, L, said, “Are you leaving now to go write words?” His teachers smiled — they told the children in advance I am a writer. I gave my son a giant hug and drove home … to do nothing.

And by nothing, I mean I watched reruns of Sex & The City on E! and ate provolone cheese and multi-grain pita chips. Then I took a nap on the couch. Before I picked up JD, I prepped dinner: baked chicken breast with fresh roasted peppers, yellow Spanish rice (via a box, but still) and steamed broccoli. I guess that counts as something. Now I’m blogging via the couch while JD is sleeping.

Glorious, victorious day. I’m glad I took a personal day off. I feel much, much better. Back to the magazine factory tomorrow.

When was the last time you took a personal day? I endorse. 


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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