I Didn’t Just Vote For Obama Because He Was Raised By A Single Mom

People, ahem, even from my family, think I voted for President Obama because I’m a single mom and he was raised by a single mom. It’s an easy assumption or argument to start, but it’s not the truth. I think it’s rad BO was raised by a single mom, Ann Dunham and his maternal grandparents.

BO is named after his late father, his parents separated when he was just two years old and divorced in 1964. BO knew his dad only from the stories told by his mother and her parents. He saw his dad only one more time after his birth when he came to Hawaii in 1971 for a month’s visit. His dad died in a car wreck in 1982.

These are the facts of Obama’s family start. Yes, I find them inspiring and it’s nice to talk to JD about the most powerful man in the world and how he grew up with a mommy and grandparents just like he is—and yes JD asked about BO’s dad.

“His dad loved him, but wasn’t around much and now he’s in heaven.” This probably reads harsh, but JD is five and we have real conversations these days. After the jump why I voted for President Obama and how being raised by a single mom had nada to do with it and is a mere cool fact. Warning: I’m not a political expert …

  • Obamacare: I’m a self-employed single mother who pays out of pocket for healthcare and I have a pre-exisiting condition. In 1997 I had a complete Spinal Fusion to treat an aggressive case of Scoliosis. I have hardware fused to my spine and a scar that runs from my neck to my hips. I had to have a mandatory C-section because of fear I could endure back labor. There was a chance I would go under for JD’s birth, because the Anesthesiologist, was unclear after my pre-op visit if A. He could get the Spinal needle in because of the hardware and scar tissue, or B. If the medicine would even take because of the disruption along my entire spine. It took. I was awake for JD’s birth. Obamacare protects me, my dad (Cancer) and God Forbid, JD. You can read more about Obamacare here. 
  • Tax Freeze: President Obama called on lawmakers Friday to immediately freeze income tax rates for most Americans while allowing taxes on the wealthy to increase, in his opening bid in the high-stakes struggle with Republicans over the nation’s ballooning debt. Again, I’m self-employed, I pay taxes every quarter and this freeze will benefit my wallet via The Washington Post. 
  • Obama approves same-sex marriage. Love is blind. I have many gay friends. If I can get married, my gay friends should be able to.
  • Climate Change: Considering my family is displaced (Max the dog is in JD’s bed at the moment) and the Jersey shore is a memory now, I’d say climate change should be on the table. Ya know what Mitt said about climate change? “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.” President Obama (yes, did his job) and came to the Jersey shore during the final week of his campaign and spoke with residents. My family and friends are residents and are being assisted by FEMA. Mitt should care about the rise of the oceans and attempt to heal the planet—he can show compassion, too.
  • Birth Control: Mitt is a … forgive me … confused man. He said something like single moms raise children who shoot up movie theaters, yet, he’s pro-life. Take my situation: My son’s dad left when I was 11-weeks-pregnant after he was game when I peed on the stick. I continued the pregnancy alone. So, Mitt likes me, because I didn’t have an abortion, but thinks my kid is doomed. He also PROMISED to immediately remove funding for Planned Parenthood. But, again, Planned Parenthood helps many women, not just have legal, safe abortions, but it also keeps them from getting pregnant in the first place, because it educates and provides birth control. He was ready to introduce a bill that would restrict access to birth control by allowing any employer the right to deny health insurance coverage for any benefit based on a “moral” conviction. You can’t have my Loestrin24Fe, Mitt. Sorry. I got pregnant because we didn’t use any birth control (owning it). I’m not ready for another unplanned pregnancy and you don’t get to tell me, a nearly 32-year-old to … not have sex. Yeah, no. More at
  • Uh, the rape thing: 30 republicans defended rape. That’s all. Takes deep breath.
  • Obama for Women: Did you know that women accounted for 53 percent of the electorate votes, leaving men as only 47 percent of all voters? Thanks to Obamacare, many insurance plans are beginning to fully cover birth control without co-pays as part of women’s preventive care. He fired back against Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, a huge provider of women’s health services, including breast and cervical cancer screenings … and birth control. He also signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to help women raise hell against pay discrimination.

So, like I said, I’m no political expert, but these are a few reasons why I voted for Obama. Feel free to chime in! This might get heated and that’s OK.  

Presidents Obama And Clinton Were Raised By Single Moms. 

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