I Don’t Let My Kids Play With Toy Guns

6559763047_276bc3aa65I think by now we already know where I stand on the gun control debate. I have been outspoken about it, especially in the aftermath of the local Sandy Hook school shooting where I lost a long time friend.

But beyond the recent events though, I have always stood by a strict no toy guns policy in my house. I haven’t bought any, and I have gone out of my way to ask family members not to purchase any either.

No NERF guns.
No cap guns.
No water guns.

No guns. I don’t want my children playing games in which they are shooting each other. Period.

Come on, tell me how much of a horrible mother I am! Give it to me! Tell me I am not letting my kids be creative or allowing them to role play. No cops and robbers, or playing war. But if I am being completely honest… these are all games I don’t want my children playing either way, so I don’t see the big loss in it all.

Just like I don’t allow WWE Wrestling in my house. I just don’t think violent role playing games are appropriate for children, especially at the ages of 5 and under. There is something about pretending to shoot someone that doesn’t sit right with me no matter how you slice it.

Will I pitch a fit if they play these games at their friend’s houses? Probably not. But if they come home and ask me to buy them a toy gun, the answer will always be no.

Of course as time goes on and they grow older, I certainly may change my mind on the subject as a whole. But for now, especially in wake of all the tragedies across the country, I don’t want guns to be a focus in my house.

I just don’t think guns are toys for kids to play with, even if they are mass manufactured.

Do you let your children play with toy guns? Why or why not?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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