I Find Kids Who Talk All The Time Exhausting. You?

I Find Kids Who Talk All The Time Exhausting. You?My kids are loud and happy and always having some kind of fun. When it comes to my son, he is one of those kids who talks all the time. He’s animated, excited about what he loves and well, I find it exhausting.

His big thing right now is anything to do with Star Wars. He knows all the characters, what makes each of their light sabers unique, and has the movies near memorized word for word. I myself, don’t like Star Wars (ducking the tomatoes being thrown) and have never really gotten into it myself. (I am Star Trek lady.)

As I listen to him talk about his newest discovery or talk about his favorite scene in one of the many movies, I find myself lost. I try my best to follow what he’s saying, but he’s so excited about it all — he speaks at lightening speed and I just can’t keep up. Not only that, but after the conversation, I find my brain has gone numb and it’s exhausting.

I ask my husband all the time if watching our son is what it’s like in his brain. The two of them think very much the same and remind me of each other. I have never really ever found my brain racing at the speed that theirs does and that’s likely why I find it so tiring.

Do you find your kids talk faster than you can keep up with too?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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