I Have a Choice Between a Dog and a Baby

BooBoo and I are making our way through his vast children’s library of books. Last night he chose Little Critter’s The New Baby. I bought this book five years ago for my eldest when I was pregnant and it’s one of those sweet stories about what it’s like when the new baby comes home.

Well BooBoo was absolutely fascinated. He’s got himself some mad baby fever right now which comes as no surprise since he just found out that girls have vaginas instead of “peanuts”. The whole idea of lady parts and pregnancy is wildly fascinating to him.

He insists on asking the following questions at least three times a day – every. day.:

“Is it dark inside your belly?”

“Was I scared in the dark inside your belly?”

“When you pushed me out did you get a sticker for being brave?”

“Did they have to put a band-aid on your vagina?”

“Did you hear me talking to you inside your belly?”

No matter how many times I answer these questions, he enjoys asking them and listening to the answers. Then he does this cute thing where he gets all cuddly, grabs my face with both hands (to prove to me he’s dead serious, of course) and tells me that he wants a baby sister. Boy Wonder is in on the baby fever too, but only because he thinks a baby would be an adequate distraction for his little brother.

When I break the daily news that there won’t be any more babies, BooBoo’s answer is always the same, “Well, we can just get a puppy.” Yeah, because those are the same and not at all a lot of work.

Whatever happened to goldfish, Furbies and Giga Pets? Oh right, they’re lame.

Do your kids have baby fever?

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