I Just Spent My Life Savings on Portraits

These are my kids all dolled up as if it was what, 1932? I dunno, but what I do know is that they look freaking adorable. And almost like they like each other.

The last time I took my kids for portraits was in 2008; for shame!

I’m sort of lazy with a lot of that “capture the memories” stuff. I blame it on the fact that I blog. I feel like I’m creating the world’s most extensive “baby” book in the world. If you blog, you know what I’m talking about.

When BooBoo’s preschool informed me they were having a photographer come in to shoot vintage photos, I was totally down. How easy for me, the studio was coming to him and they were bringing the clothes. If all I had to do was bring my other son, I think I could scrape up the energy.

While my kids looked mighty fine dressed in their vintage best, they posed for about 10 minutes before it was on to the next kid.

Imagine my surprise when this abbreviated photo session yielded amazing results. The pictures were gorgeous. And expensive. But mostly gorgeous.

  • Typical BooBoo 1 of 9
    Typical BooBoo
    If ever there was a photo that captured the spirit of this kid, it was this photo. I'll take it!
  • Good day, my lady 2 of 9
    Good day, my lady
    Oh cuteness! I'll take this one too.
  • With a tip of his hat… 3 of 9
    With a tip of his hat...
    he had my heart. And my wallet, I'll take this one too.
  • Love that grin 4 of 9
    Love that grin
    Yep, I'll take two copies of this please.
  • They look like they LIKE each other! 5 of 9
    They look like they LIKE each other!
    Easily my favorite of the bunch. The only time they're this close is when they're on top of each other battling for household supremacy. Can I get this one in a 16x20?
  • Cheeseball 6 of 9
    Again, together and smiling. Since this doesn't happen very often, maybe I better get a 11x17 of this one.
  • Boy Wonder’s favorite 7 of 9
    Boy Wonder's favorite
    He thinks he looks cool and I agree. Gotta have this one!
  • Baseball kid 8 of 9
    Baseball kid
    I love the whole barefoot thing; thank God I had just cut his toenails. Yep, I'll take this one too.
  • Strapping young lad 9 of 9
    Strapping young lad
    Damn, this kid is handsome. So handsome I'll take about five copies of this one.

I ended up buying the most expensive package not only because I loved the prints, but because I know I won’t be doing this again until 2016 anyway.

How often do you take your kids for portraits?

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