I Know A Good Dad When I See One – The Story Of The Superhero Dad

i know a good dad when i see oneRaise your hand if you’ve ever done something silly just because your kids asked you to.

I’m talking about singing loudly. I’m talking about dancing crazily. I’m talking about putting on a cape and going shopping at Home Depot.

Just because your kid wanted to.

The photo has gone viral on Facebook this week, and CTV News traced the source of this awesomeness that was first posted to Reddit last week.

The family has asked to remain anonymous, but the Mom has confessed to being the shutterbug.

“F just turned 3 years old and looooves superheroes and capes. He puts capes on everything,” she told the network.

He even has mini capes for the shampoo bottles to make them superhero-y. F just turned 3 and mom made a cape for him for the party. Since the party he has worn his cape “almost 100 per cent of the time”, as we can all appreciate.

Recently, with a new addition to the family in the form of a baby sister, Dad and F have been spending more time together to give mom a break with the new baby.“They are like two peas in a pod,” the mom confesses.

On a recent outing, F asked his dad “where’s YOUT cape?”

So mom made one for B, her husband which became an instant hit with F.

“I’m a little superhero, and you’re a big superhero!'”

Last week Mom posted the pic to Reddit “to provide a few people with a laugh.”

Well a few people have laughed since the pic was popularized by HuffPo, Facebook, Twitter, and the king of viral awesome, George Takei.

Despite all the attention, the family is staying true to what they’ve always been. Well except for the part where they plan to print off a poster-sized version of the picture to put above their son’s bed.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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