I Love Technology and Parenting and Babies and Dads

Oh, Google Plus–you had me at dry baby foot skin. I love great advertising. See, I’m no dummy. I know when I’m being manipulated but when it comes to Google Plus (and Apple) I don’t mind at all. Check out their new commercial that celebrates dads and babies and how parents use technology after the jump.

I love this commercial. I love that it appeals to me and Google’s shared values of family, home, and technology. Of course it’s calculated. That doesn’t make it wrong. It’s smart to hit us wear we live: Dads and babies. Cute.


Also, the underlying message is reassuring: Phones don’t necessarily make you a bad parent. A phone can be a great tool for a parent! It’s not tricky or deceitful. You may disagree and that’s fine. People have been talking a lot about how it’s bad to ignore your kids while you play Words With Friends all day to which I say, no doy.

Gadget addiction is definitely a problem, but what about my synched grocery lists and calendars and the chummy texting my son and I do all day? I love it all so much. It’s such a rare pleasure when a commercial gets it right. Normally I forward through all commercials, which is another parenting advantage afforded me by technology. In the name of Tivo, amen.

How do I self-sooth when parenting gets to me?

How do I encourage my kids’ creativity?

How do I muster the enthusiasm to face the day?

How do I deal with the OTHER mothers?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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