Readers Respond: "One thing I swear I'll NEVER do as a parent is …"

I take a lot of my parenting cues from how I was raised, my gut instinct and working as a team with my husband. Before I had children I had this idea of how I would like to raise my kids. Certain things I was very set on (like wanting to be at home with them, attachment parenting etc) and other things I knew would likely change along the way.

Parenting is sometimes a day-to-day thing — playing it by the ears and working on the go. There are some things I swore I would never do — yet ended up doing so (swore I would NEVER clean poop off the wall, but yeah, that happened). There are still aspects of parenting I feel strongly I will never do. I know there are other moms and dads out there who feel strongly for how they will parent as well. Babble decided to ask their Facebook readers what they will never do as a parent and some answers were surprising and some were similar to mine.

Click through to see how Babble readers finished the sentence: “One thing I swear I’ll NEVER do as a parent is …”

  • Use Something For a Dog 1 of 14
    Use Something For a Dog
    "Put my kid on a leash." - Jill
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Public School 2 of 14
    Public School
    "Put my child in public school" - Kim
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Make My Kids Grow Up Too Quick 3 of 14
    Make My Kids Grow Up Too Quick
    "Allow my kids to see things they shouldn't see, I want my kids to be kids for as long as they can!" - Tara
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Helicopter Parent 4 of 14
    Helicopter Parent
    "Be a helicopter parent. How are kids ever suppose to learn to do anything for themselves?"- Carin
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Abandon 5 of 14
    "Abandon my children!"- Alexandra
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Be A Private Detective 6 of 14
    Be A Private Detective
    "Snoop through my kid's room"- Jessica
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Raise My Hand 7 of 14
    Raise My Hand
    "Abuse my kids"- Amy
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Pick Them Up 8 of 14
    Pick Them Up
    "Pick them up everytime they cry/wine"- Stacey
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Clean the Gross Way 9 of 14
    Clean the Gross Way
    "Lick a napkin and wipe my kids face with it" - Jamie
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Destroy Her Spirit 10 of 14
    Destroy Her Spirit
    "Make my daughter feel like she's not good enough" - Chloe
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Crush Their Dream 11 of 14
    Crush Their Dream
    "I will never tell them thier dreams are stupid or 'too hard', also never put them down or crush their spirit purposely." - Kellie
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Fast Food & Soda 12 of 14
    Fast Food & Soda
    "I will never feed her fast food or give her soda to drink."- Kristin
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Let My Kid Cry 13 of 14
    Let My Kid Cry
    "Let my baby 'cry it out'"- Jennifer
    Photo Credit: Photostock
  • Give Up 14 of 14
    Give Up
    "Give up on my children"- Adrianna
    Photo Credit: Photostock

:: Your turn — what do you swear you will NEVER do as a parent? ::

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