I Think It May Be Time For a Haircut

I Think It May Be Time For a HaircutRaru is 6-years-old now and Bean turned 4-years-old in February. They are the typical girly girls and love to pretend play, dance, sing, and be princesses.

They also love to look like princesses when they’re not playing and to them, that means having long hair. Neither of them have ever had their hair cut (apart from Raru cutting her bangs when she was 2 years old) and when I ask them about it, they always say they want long hair.

Raru’s reaches so far down that she sits on it and Bean is not too far behind. I always had long hair growing up and it was a preference of mine until I cut it short after Raru was born and it’s still short now. I have shared that they have such a unique sense of style before with their clothes and the same is true when it comes to their haircuts (or lack thereof).

I think we’re getting to the point where I will have to get it done. Not cut it short, but there really is no style in them and truth be told, they could use a trim. My son has been getting his hair cut since he was a young-in and he’s always hated it — I don’t want the same reaction from my girls.

I guess we can always give it a try, right? I’ve been taking Raru with me when I get my hair done. I hope that seeing the process and getting to know the hairstylist will help. I think it’s about time I book those appointments.

Do your kids tolerate getting their hair cut or do they hate it?

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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