I Threw My 5-Year-Old a Rave

You clicked over to read the article because you were like, “What the?!” It’s not what it looks like, I swear.

I told you before that I’ve never thrown BooBoo a birthday party, but on the occasion of his 5th birthday, he wanted one and we were all too happy to oblige.

Woo hoo! A birthday party! A couple of kids, a homemade cake, maybe a bouncer – all cool and all fun. Then BooBoo dropped the bomb, “Mommy, I want it to be a sleepover party.” Gulp. A bunch of 4-5 year olds spending the night? Hello, scary to be responsible for the overnight welfare of the 6 and under crowd.

I thought long and hard about it and decided if this was what BooBoo wanted for his first ever birthday party, by golly, he would have it, under one condition: the party would be small. My best friend is a triplet mom of 5 year olds, they’d be invited. OK, that’s 3 kids. My other best friend has a 4 year old who’d be invited, there’s one more. I have an older son, age 9, he’d obviously be invited; he lives here. And then there was the birthday boy himself, another +1. OK then, four guests plus my two kids equaled six kids; the perfect number for a sleepover partay.

I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning my house and working my ass off. In the final step of party prep, I inflated the kids’ inflatable ready bed sleeping bag/mattress contraptions while my husband pumped techno music through the house at the request of my fist-pumping kids.

As my boys were dancing and jumping on their mattresses with faces aglow, I casually mentioned, “Hahaha, techno and a makeshift bounce house. All these kids need are glow sticks and we’d be hosting a child rave!”

My husband grabbed his keys in flash, “Yes! Let’s make this a dance party! I’m gonna run to the party store for glow sticks; be right back!” Friends, he didn’t just buy a couple glow sticks; he LOADED UP on glow paraphernalia as if we were hosting a rave apocalypse.

“Now we’re hosting a kid-friendly house party?” I asked. “Ohhhh yeah,” he said.

The party started off fun and traditional, we piñata-d, ate cake, opened gifts, watched The Lorax, made a sundae bar and then…got our kid rave on!

We geared up all the kids up in glow wear – halos, necklaces, belts, bracelets, and anklets. We shut off all the lights, fired up the Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas, and whatever other mind-numbing electronic music my husband bounces to on his daily commute and we got our dance party on! Let me tell you, the under 6 crowd have better dance moves than all of us.

The kids were breakdancing, conga lining, and shaking their booty with more conviction than anyone I’ve ever seen at a rave since 1997 (it’s been a while). These kids were FEELING the music under the intoxicating spell of sugar and thumping rhythms.

Take a look at my favorite party moments!

  • Piñata time! 1 of 14
    Piñata time!
    BooBoo loved the piñata so much!
  • Taking turns 2 of 14
    Taking turns
    Those little piñatas are tough to crack open!
  • Boy Wonder broke the piñata 3 of 14
    Boy Wonder broke the piñata
    Brut force, Baby!
  • Dinosaur tears 4 of 14
    Dinosaur tears
    BooBoo cried when his brother broke the piñata. Yes, he did.
  • Dino love 5 of 14
    Dino love
    Kissy kissy.
  • No comment 6 of 14
    No comment
  • Hey you! 7 of 14
    Hey you!
    Have a good time.
  • Cake time 8 of 14
    Cake time
  • My homemade cake 9 of 14
    My homemade cake
    While not the most gorgeous, the cake was awfully tasty.
  • Make a wish! 10 of 14
    Make a wish!
    BooBoo wished he wished he didn't have to go to school anymore. Now that he told us the wish won't come true. Oh darn.
  • Blowing out the candles 11 of 14
    Blowing out the candles
    Deep breath!
  • Chillin’ with The Lorax 12 of 14
    Chillin' with The Lorax
    A rare moment of downtime.
  • Child raver 13 of 14
    Child raver
    These kids have moves!
  • Color wonder 14 of 14
    Color wonder
    Pretty colors!

The dance party was a sight to behold and truly, the most memorable birthday experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. When the dancing was over, we settled in for a little Land Before Time action and headed off to dreamland.

All in all the party was a total rager. People, these kids could party. And yes, I’m still tired.

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