I Took My Kids to Daycare on My Day Off and I Don't Feel Guilty About It

I had the day off today. I could have spent the time with my children. We could have gone to park or played with their new toys or gone out for ice cream, but instead I took them to daycare for the entire day. I don’t feel guilty about it…now.

Maybe I should back up to last night when it dawned on me as I fell into bed, reveling in the fact that I wouldn’t have to fight rush hour traffic in the morning, that not only did I have the day off, but my children’s teachers did not. For the first time all year, my company was closed when daycare was open.

I lay there silently chastising myself for even considering bringing them to school tomorrow. Surely a good mother would cherish the opportunity for extra time with her kids. Just to confirm, I mentioned to my husband nonchalantly how “totally weird” it was that we both had the day off when the daycare was open.

That’s when he sat bolt upright in bed and said, in what can only be classified as a squeal, “You mean the daycare is open tomorrow? Why didn’t you tell me? We are definitely taking them as soon as they wake up.”

I could have opposed him, insisted that we keep them home, have a family day, but then I started to think about how long my roots were getting. I remembered that there was a movie in theaters I had been dying to see. I peered through the darkness at the half-finished novel I hadn’t had time to read on the nightstand. I tried to remember the last time I’d taken an afternoon nap.

My husband took them both to school right after breakfast this morning. I stayed in bed. I slept in until 9 A.M. I drank my coffee and finished the cup without having to reheat it once. I took an uninterrupted shower. I made an appointment at the salon to have my hair cut and colored, after which I had a quiet lunch and saw a movie with my husband.

When we picked the kids up after the movie I felt completely renewed and relaxed. I think I’m going to make it a point in the coming year to take a day to myself more often and leave the guilt behind.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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