8 Reasons I Want to Switch Schools

The most recent Parent-Teacher conference was interesting. I met my second-grader’s teachers for the first time, mid-year. Her original teacher had quit and the job was split between two part-time teachers. I had all kinds of questions for them. I wasn’t liking what I was seeing or hearing from my daughter at home. Her scores were dropping and her motivation to even do anything was gone. I barely recognized her attitude (hence, the bribes). I didn’t want to blame the new teachers, but I wanted to know what was up. Needless to say, after our conversation, I walked away with a pit in my stomach and I felt empty and hopeless.

My daughter is not in the right school.

It’s not a good fit for her. I didn’t like one of the answers I received. The only motivation to turn in homework or her reading tracker was a drawing that the whole school enters for a bike. While that might work for some, it doesn’t work for her. She’s seven, a little more positive reinforcement would be helpful!

My other options for schools are Charter Schools, Private Schools and well, Homeschool (and that one’s not happening right now). At the moment, spending 30k a year for a private education isn’t an option, especially when that number will quickly jump to 60k with two more kids entering around the corner. So, there I was, again, midnight, for the 3rd year in a row, filling out Charter School lottery applications. With each one I sent a prayer to heaven, because I’m going to need divine help if I want this dream to come true. Charter School odds in my area are over 500 to one.  I will not likely ever get my kids in that school. That’s just crappy. I lose my share of sleep over this topic.

So, I recently applied for a job at the Charter School because that would supposedly help them get in quicker. Problem is, 500 other moms apply for all the jobs too. I’m not alone. It doesn’t make sense! No one ever told me about this part of parenthood. AHHHHH!! I had no idea that school would be such a stressful topic and one that I would have to learn so much about. Please tell me I’m not alone!

(By the way, this website is a great tool for helping learn more about the schools in your area and what to look for.)

Why do I want my kids to go to a Charter School?  Here are my top eight reasons:

1. Uniforms. After my daughter came home from school one day in tears because her friends had started a “fancy clothes only” club and her clothes weren’t fancy enough to be in the club, I lost it. Really, this crap has to happen at seven years old already? Uniforms would be helpful.

2. Ability for kids to advance and work at their level instead of moving with the masses

3. Bad teachers can be fired

4. Getting on a traditional school schedule as opposed to the year-round schedule

5. Positive and motivating environment

6. Involvement of parents and communication between school and parents

7. More freedom to be innovative with their programs and funding

8. From what I see, they’re more strict with behavior which equals less bullying and more focus on schoolwork

Now, I know that there are fabulous public schools out there, and fabulous teachers and these points are only based on my opinion and experience with my daughter, so I am not speaking in general or about all public schools. I am simply saying that I think there is a better “fit” for my child somewhere else.  Knowing that there is a better school for her that I can’t put her in is MADDENING! Where do I go from here?

What are your experiences with the school systems out there? What do you look for and are you happy with the education your child is receiving?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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