If You Give A Mom a Million: What Real Moms Would Do With A Million Dollars

Do any of us really feel like we have enough money? If we’re lucky, the answer is yes; we can pay for housing, food, medical care, clothes, and Legos. But what if we had more than enough? What if we got a million dollars – with no strings and no taxes – dropped in our laps?

This is a favorite fantasy of mine. I like to think about all the ways I could configure a million bucks to make things better for my family and my community.  My ideas are different on different days. If I’m being practical – and I probably would be  practical – I’d pay off the house, seed college funds for the kids, take a kick-ass family vacation, and make some big donations to my favorite charities. Other times, I imagine shutting down our regular life and setting up shop someplace awesome for a year-long adventure in foreign living. Tuscany, maybe. Or Ireland. No, Tuscany. For the food. Mmmmmm….I’d also like to set up an amazing foundation to support educational efforts for under-served women and girls. And of course there are the obligatory fantasies about hiring a staff of hot cabana boys to cater to my every desire. Hey, a girl’s gotta have a little fun with her imaginary money, right?

With no winner in last night’s Powerball drawing, the jackpot has grown to a whopping $475 million dollars! While winning that would be a nice chunk of change, I asked my readers to tell me what they’d do with a mere million dollars, and the results were interesting. Nearly everyone jumped to pay off debts first. Lots of people wanted to set up trust funds for their kids’ futures, especially the parents of special needs kids. And nearly everyone wants a vacation. Funny or sad, these wishes tell stories of what real families really want.

Click through to read what real moms say they’d do with a million dollars!

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  • Caring for Her Autistic Boys 2 of 13
    mom kids

    "I'd put a robust down payment on a single family home with a large fenced yard and set up special needs trusts for my sons to ensure their welfare after their father and I are gone." - Sunday

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  • Sharing the Wealth 3 of 13

    "Pay off my parents' debt, upgrade our cars, buy a house, finish college, open a college fund for my kid, go on a huge vacation, invest/donate the rest." -Margaret

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  • Keeping The Romance Alive 4 of 13

    "Go on a real honeymoon." - Kate

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  • Teaching the World 5 of 13

    "Open a school." - Amanda

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  • Changing the Lifestyle 6 of 13

    "Live on a large boat...visit places that I've been wanting to see in healthier foods that I can't seem to afford now.
    Savings for the kids." - Shannon


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  • Reaching Out 7 of 13

    "Besides setting up a college trust fund for my son, I'd send money to my long-distance best friend to help get her family back into the United States. Then I'd make a donation to the charity our favorite babysitter works with in Uganda through her church. If there was anything left after that, I'd spend it on making sure my parents and inlaws had a crazy good time visiting my son for a week. They all live a minimum of three hours away (some of them three times that), so they don't get to see the little man very often. I'd like to change that." - Amanda

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  • Paying the Doctors 8 of 13

    "Pay off our medical bills. At age 9 with an autoimmune disease that has no cure my baby will face medical costs all his life..." - Anke

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  • Expanding Family 9 of 13
    mom kids

    "Adopt a sibling for my daughter, build a shelter for older dogs only (like assisted living), buy a bigger home and travel!" - Kelly

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  • Self-Improvement 10 of 13

    "I would buy myself some boobs that are big & perky, get a tummy tuck & then pay off all bills & build a that order" - Amber

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  • Opening Doors 11 of 13

    "Buy a decent sized house. Take in some teens who can't live at home for whatever reason but who are not in the system." - @gwennyrah

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  • Sleeping In 12 of 13
    mr burns

    "Build a machine to block the sun like Mr. Burns so my kids would sleep in." - Veronica

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  • Work Before Play 13 of 13

    "Pay off our debts, fund college for the kids and retirement for us. Then we'd all go to Hawaii." - Denise

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