I’m Back and I Brought Waffles

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I brought waffles!

Hey Party Parents,

Four months ago I said goodbye to my bloggy home here at Babble, and honestly, ever since then things just haven’t been the same for me. I missed you guys. A lot. Like a lot-a lot.

One particularly blue spring morning, I decided to shrug off my sadness with a power walk because I read somewhere that’s what sad people do. I laced up my walking shoes, buckled my fanny pack (c’mon you guys, how else am I gonna pack tissue and lip balm?), and set my Pandora to 90s pop shuffle. To my surprise and delight the following song began to play which just so happened to illustrate how I felt about y’all, my Babble family:

Hot damn, that song still rocks.

Since you might not have even noticed I was gone, I’ll catch you up on what went down while I was away:

I worked as an editor for Me, an editer editor!

I started Weight Watchers, lost 8 pounds, quit, and then gained back 10…as one does.

I took my first-ever family vacation on a gen-u-ine aeroplane to Hawaii! (Click here to see pics).

I got a waffle maker and learned how to use it.

Enough about me, let’s talk about my (70)

BooBoo, my 5-year-old (‘member him?), has been getting into trouble at school for being naughty and missing school for being croup-y. Oh, he also started taking art lessons like his brother.

Boy Wonder, my 10-year-old, started orthodontics and is now sporting a rather disturbing mini mustache.

I guess that’s about all the la vida loca around these parts so big group hug. It’s good to be home. Please pass the syrup.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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