I’m Back And Tan

photo-101Hello, my friends. I told you I would return and here I am—harrah! My month off from and Facebook was humbling and humiliating—filled with ups and downs, that still seem unreal.

But, Coppa’s are good at two things in life. Getting thrown down and getting back up. Basically, I felt like someone punched me in the face the month of March. April was what I now call my “Rejuvenation Month.” (More to come on what March was like.)

Thought I’d kick off my return to with a funny story. Uncle Carlo, JD and I just returned from Atlantis, Bahamas (not a press trip, either—just ask my credit card!) It was a quick, relaxing five days of swimming, sand and sun. Prior to leaving, many people pondered if JD and I were traveling alone and if I would be OK.

Of course I would be OK. I’m ALWAYS OK. We carry on, carry on!

And no, we didn’t travel alone.

My single, most important tidbit of advice for single parents traveling with small children is to travel with someone or have a Plan B. JD has been to California, Hawaii, Florida and Bahamas (two times now) and it was either with uncle Carlo, uncle Bri or my good friends Matt and Maddy (Hi, guys!).

We did travel alone from NJ to Florida to meet up with Matt and Maddy and it was empowering and fantastic, but it was also awesome to have Matt to chill with when the kids went to bed. You also have to consider what you’ll do if something arises and you’re alone with your small child.

I have a horror story for you: My single mom bestie, Mareesa, took her child on vacation to Turks and Caicos. And got food poisoning. Her son was four. She was puking and incapacitated. Luckily the resort provided a private nanny that accompanied her son to the kids club, since she got sick on their food—still, scary times! Thank goodness the resort was so accommodating! I got sea sick my first night on the Disney Cruise and it was relieving to know Matt was a cabin away if it got too bad.

I love traveling with my brothers. When uncle Carlo came to Aulani with us everyone on staff there called him uncle Carlo and he was a huge help when I had to work a lil, since that was a press trip. Uncle Bri, though not the best flyer is awesome too. He’s a take charge guy in any situation. He watched JD for me in Cali when I was promoting my book. This is a win-win for everyone, since JD has an absentee father. Carlo and Brian are both substitute dads to my son. He loves hanging out with them, especially at this age. (Batter Up: Little League With Your Uncle.)

The only downfall?


Everyone automatically thinks I’m married to my brother(s). “Mrs. Coppa, are you and your husband enjoying your stay?”


“May I refresh your husband’s beer?”


“Your son looks like daddy!”


It became funny and not so gross after a while—or like four Bahama Mama cocktails later—HA-Rahhhh!

Can you blame em!? GHAH, take a look at this pic. Even Carlo, cringed. I’m framing! My family is strong, awesome and together. Together through thick and thin.


Nice to be back!

Anyone ever think a sib was your husband or wife? How do you handle traveling as a single parent?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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