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As someone who has very little (read: no) artistic ability, I know how frustrating it is to be artistically challenged. My 7-year-old desperately wants to be a decent artist, but unfortunately for him, it seems as though he inherited my abilities. He often gets really frustrated that he  can’t translate the vision in his head to the paper in front of him. This has led to many, many frustrating moments for both of us.

Enter Garrett Miller, a Washington, DC based artist who has taken it upon himself to take art submissions from children and give them a sophisticated twist. He asks for a brief description of the drawing, and then gives it a fresh, more grown up perspective.

The results are amazing, and would give any kid a boost of confidence in the drawing department. You can see a few of his creations below, but be sure to check out his blog, Imaginawesome, for more examples, and to learn how to submit your child’s drawing!

  • UNDER THE SEA 1 of 12
    The octopus is planning to throw over the ship. The dolphin is planning to cheer the men up. Since it is dark out , the grey colored glowing fish wants to give some light. The big blue shark is planning is planning to do the same thing as the octopus.
    - Amrit, Age 5
  • MERMAIDS 2 of 12
    My brother and I as mermaids.
    - Carolina, Age 8
  • ARMIES 3 of 12
    The Green Skeleton Army (good guys) are fighting the bad guys…they're red…the good guys are fighting in the air. The tank shot the green guy with the big bullet.
    - Cody, Age 6
  • POUR PAPA 4 of 12
    This is a 3 horse-family in a closed park. The father is on the left, the mother is on the right and the baby in the middle has felt down in the grass. The yellow square is hay, the blue one is the trough for water. The guy holding daddy horse's bridle is daddy.
    - Dorelys, Age 5
  • Union Street 5 of 12
    Union Street
    The picture is of Union Street [in Oberlin, Ohio]. One side of the street would be the bricky-dormy buildings, and across would be the newer houses the college built.
    - Liberty, Age Unknown
  • DADDY LONGLEGS 6 of 12
    A daddy long legs living in his home.
    - Mattheus, Age 5
  • BAD RABBIT 7 of 12
    A Chinese man is angry because a rabbit ate his carrot.
    - Naomi, Age 7
  • CAMPER 8 of 12
    A man in a camper with an alligator and stuff like that.
    - Quentin, Age 5
  • STAR WARS 9 of 12
    It's a star wars picture. The one on the right is Luke and the one on the left is "Heavy," and they both have lightsavers that shoot out fire, and the good guy Luke won because his fire touched Heavy.
    - Talia, Age 4
  • QUE 10 of 12
    This is my dog Que. He's a Super Dog!
    - Vienna, Age 4
  • PLAYING OUTSIDE 11 of 12
    Playing outside in my back yard under the sun with the ants and my sunflower.
    - Sela, Age 6
  • NICE DAY 12 of 12
    There are mountains on the right (with a guy skiing), with a house in front. Next to the house, is a rope getting a human down to his house from a helicopter. Up on the left, there is a airplane. There are flags at the left.
    - Gabriel, Age 6

Image Credits: All images via Garrett Miller & Imaginawesome

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