10 Things I Can Do that Impress the Hell Out of My Kid

I’m counting down the moments until Addie is convinced I’m an utter loser who only exists to take her places and make her life miserable. I can literally hear the ticking in my head. Tick…you’re a dork mom…tick…drop me off around the corner mom…tick…do I have to be seen with you mom? I figure if I prepare for the inevitable it won’t hurt so bad when those first eye rolls begin rolling in.

But! At this moment! She thinks I am pretty much the coolest mom ever. I am creative! I am funny! I have a cool job! I’m pretty! I smell good! I figure I better ride this train for as long as possible because I’m going to be falling off in favor of boys and new friends oh so soon. I’ve gathered together a few things that Addie thinks are impressive about me, and now we can all sit back and see just how long this “cool mom” thing lasts. (Tick, tick, tick…)

  • I Tumble! 1 of 10
    I Tumble!
    I can still do the splits on my right side and pull off a wicked cartwheel. Unfortunately somersaults become more like assaults on your spine as you get older.
  • I Hang With Celebs! 2 of 10
    I Hang With Celebs!
    I made a video for her with Grover on Sesame Street. She may be 7 but she still talks about this one. A little kid was wearing a Sesame Street shirt at the grocery store last week, she pointed at Grover and said "My mom knows him."
  • Fancy Hair! 3 of 10
    Fancy Hair!
    I can do my hair and hers. Seems silly enough, but given that she's had such curly hair her whole life, being able to have straight hair or a fancy hair do or seeing me with a hairstyle that isn't a ponytail convinces her that I am fancy under these sweatpants of mine.
  • I’m Famous! 4 of 10
    I'm Famous!
    I've been on TV several times for various and assorted things. In her mind once you're on TV your basically best friends with everyone else who has ever been in the TV as well.
  • I Bake! 5 of 10
    I Bake!
    I can bake a cake from scratch. Actually I can bake pretty much anything from scratch and it's turned her into a bit of a mini gourmand. Crème brûlée and dark chocolate cake with whipped meringue buttercream? Yeah, she's helped me make them.
  • I Polish! 6 of 10
    I Polish!
    I've become really good at painting my own nails, and hers. I've even gotten into a bit of nail art and stamping. No other kid I know of has gone to first grade with black and gold tiger striped nails.
  • I Dance! 7 of 10
    I Dance!
    I danced for a third of my life, I can still do a few things en pointe (which is impressive enough for a seven year old) and I can still pull off a wicked triple pirouette and a half dozen fouettés before I want to vomit.
  • I Shoot Things! 8 of 10
    I Shoot Things!
    Photography. She likes the photos I take and she also likes that she can have a vision for a photo and I can make it happen. She's seen me win awards for photos and she's even seen me work at some events and concerts including the Indianapolis 500 and the Superbowl.
  • Artwork! 9 of 10
    I can draw. I've always liked to draw and doodle, my dad gave me the nickname 'doodlebug' when I was her age and its stuck ever since. I was the first one to really convince her that it's okay to color outside the lines and give a turtle walking down the street an umbrella. She once brought me a picture of a Halloween pony, she had fangs, scars, claws AND she was holding a bloody knife.
  • I Jump! 10 of 10
    I Jump!
    I jump all the time in photos and I jump really high. She's joined me in her love of jumping photos and someday we'll have a whole book of them compiled.

What do you do that impresses your kids?

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