In Honor of Mother's Day: Hilarious Notes to Moms, From Their Kids

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is lots of talk about what (or what not) to get mom. It’s obviously very, very easy to get the wrong thing, and finding the perfect gift is usually much easier said than done.

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to go wrong with a hand written note, because even when they’re “bad” they are so hilarious and entertaining that they will mostly likely turn into a treasured family favorite.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up some of the funniest letters that kids have written to their mothers. You can check them out below, and then let us know if your kid has ever written you a hilarious letter. We’d love to hear about it!

  • I Hope You Don’t Die 1 of 12
    I Hope You Don't Die
    Well. I'm glad that's cleared up. The alternative would have made that note really awkward.
    Photo Credit: Beverlyislike via Flickr
  • Potty Mouth 2 of 12
    Potty Mouth
    It's entirely possible that my kid wrote this.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • I’m Really Just Concerned for Your Health 3 of 12
    I'm Really Just Concerned for Your Health
    It's sweet when your kids worry about your health. And your waistline.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • War Crimes 4 of 12
    War Crimes
    I think it's time to call in Child Protective Services. Obviously.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • When the Truth Hurts 5 of 12
    When the Truth Hurts
    My kid...again?
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • The Best Poem EVER 6 of 12
    The Best Poem EVER
    I'd be stoked if my kid told me I "make good meat."
    Photo Credit: Cogdog via Flickr
  • You’re Nice. Except When You’re Not. 7 of 12
    You're Nice. Except When You're Not.
    It's like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of notes to Mom.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Letting Her Hair Down 8 of 12
    Letting Her Hair Down
    This one cracks me up. Especially the note from the teacher.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Not Talking to You…Until I Need Your Help 9 of 12
    Not Talking to You...Until I Need Your Help
    I'm not speaking to you...until tomorrow when I need your assistance. Kthxbai.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Someone is in Deep Doo Doo 10 of 12
    Someone is in Deep Doo Doo
    I just love the insults that kids come up with.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Conditional Love 11 of 12
    Conditional Love
    I love that there's no qualifier for this. Just...sometimes.
    Source: Passive Aggressive Notes
  • Guacamole…The Key to Her Heart 12 of 12
    Guacamole...The Key to Her Heart
    What's the banana go to do with it?
    Source: Stuff Kids Write

And don’t miss more hilarious letters written by kids!

Top Photo Credit: Wooden Mask via Flickr

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