Inclement Weather on Halloween? 7 Alternatives to Traditional Trick or Treating

Inclement Weather on Halloween? 7 Alternatives to Traditional Trick or TreatingIf you live on the East coast of the U.S or in Southern Ontario, chances are you’ve felt some impact of the storm that we’ve just experienced.

Hurricane Sandy devastated so many communities and has left so many people without power, insurmountable damage and there is a long road ahead to assessing damage and moving on, no matter how prepared we were for the storm.

This whole event can be especially scary for kids! While they may not be old enough to understand the whole impact they may realize that occurred from the storm, surely they will have some questions on how this will impact Halloween — that’s easier for them to grasp.

With so much destruction due to Hurricane Sandy there are many communities who are cancelling Halloween due to the weather conditions, safety in the street and of course, safety is priority. While this may be hard to explain to your kids and I am sure there will be more than a few disappointed kids, there are still ways to celebrate Halloween without the traditional door-to-door trick or treating.

Click through to read 7 alternatives to trick or treating that will help your kids feel the spirit:

  • Check to See if Town Has Rescheduled 1 of 7
    With the hurricane hitting so many areas, a lot of communities are rescheduling their halloween night. Check with your area to see if they've taken this measure and mark that date on your calendar.
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  • Carve Away 2 of 7
    I am sure you've already done some pumpkin carvings, but no better way to celebrate Halloween than doing more. Choose a theme and try to make the most creative pumpkins.
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  • Old Fashioned Party 3 of 7
    Invite all your kids friends over and have a good, old fashioned halloween party. The kids can still dress up and have a costume party.
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  • Trick or Treat in Your House 4 of 7
    If you don't want to give up on the idea of trick or treating, just do it indoors. Spend time decorating each room in your house (you can each take a room) and go from door to door inside trick or treating. Mix up the tricks and treats.
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  • Bake, Bake Away 5 of 7
    We all love the Halloween treats so why not spend the evening learning how to recreate your favorite chocolate bar at home? There are awesome recipes you can find and then you get the fun of eating it after.
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  • Scary Movie Time 6 of 7
    Halloween and being scared silly totally go hand in hand. Have a scary movie theme evening and watch all those old classics.
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  • Volunteer 7 of 7
    If you're area has been hit with a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy, take the night to see if you can help those in your neighbourhood.
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