Inspiring Creativity: The Young Artist’s Toolbox


Raising an artist is about raising your child to believe they change the world through the gift of self-expression. It’s about cultivating the desire to create, to breathe new life into their environment.

Of course, there are some small things you can incorporate into your daily routine to encourage your budding artist. Set up a craft space in your home stocked with paper, paints, markers, glitter, glue – plus any odds and ends (like bottle caps and buttons) that could be transformed into works of art. Take a family trip a museum or gallery, or break out the sidewalk chalk and make a gallery of your own in your driveway.

But beyond making sure your shelves are stocked with all the physical tools for artistic expression, parents also need to encourage the spirit of creativity.

To that end, here are some of the “art supplies” we should strive to make sure our children have in their portfolio:

Paint brush: Embrace color. Make a splash. Live bold and bright and beautifully.

Pencil: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Having the courage to try is the only way to learn, and luckily, you have an eraser.

Sketch pad: Find inspiration in the ordinary. Take time to capture small details from each day. You never know what you might discover when you pause for a closer look.

Glue: Art can build connections, creating bonds between people from all walks of life. Creativity is the universal language we all share.

Stencil: Learn from others and open your mind to their guidance. Carry the wisdom of your teachers forward into your future.

Crayons: Remember, you’re never too young (or old) to pick up a crayon and start drawing.

Scissors: Take the initiative to shape your world — the only limits you face are the boundaries of your imagination.

Chalk: Art doesn’t have to be permanent, the true reward comes from the act of expressing yourself. Enjoy the process of creating as much as the final result.

Pen: Leave your mark. Stand tall and proud, and have the confidence to sign your name with a flourish.



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