16 Inspiring Viral Video Kids You'll Wish Were Yours

inspiring viral video kidsThere are so many terrible role models for our children plastered over the media.

From YouTube Jackass wannabes to anyone with the last name Kardashian, there are dozens of places our kids can get the wrong idea of what it’s like to be when you grow up.

But there is hope, and thanks to the internets, good kids rise through the ranks just as quickly as the bad ones. If you need a pick me up, scroll through this list of 16 viral video kids you’ll wish were yours. From encouraging others to try riding a bike, to swallowing fear and ski jumping, to being true to oneself, these kids are awesome.

If they can’t be yours, you can at least take some parenting lessons from each clip and try to instill that kind of positivity, hope, creativity, and determination in your kids.

I’ll be starting by singing Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody with my son on the way to school tomorrow morning (clip #11 below – it’s awesome).

  • Jessica’s Daily Affirmation 1 of 16
    Jessica's Daily Affirmation
    Jessica is a 4 yr old who gets it. This is the perfect positive outlook we could all use every morning.

  • Thumbs Up For Rock N Roll 2 of 16
    Thumbs Up For Rock N Roll
    This boy just learned how to ride a bike. And he wants to remind you that if you try, you can do it too. His enthusiastic encouragement gives me chills, still.

  • Caine’s Arcade 3 of 16
    Caine's Arcade
    What else needs to be said about Caine's Arcade? The kid who wouldnt let boredom defeat him. He sought answers to problems, and found them. Nirvan told his story and to date nearly $200 000 has been raised for his college fund.

  • Lego Spaceman 4 of 16
    Lego Spaceman
    Along the lines of Caine, and his arcade, are Matthew and Asad. Two 17 yr old kids who sent a Lego Man to space. The kids did the research, built a balloon, attached a camera and sent their man to the moon (or 80 000 feet up). Even Lego was impressed. "We are always amazed by the creative ways in which Lego fans use our products, and humbled by how many unsuspecting places we appear, like attached to a helium balloon in . . . space," said Michael McNally, brand relations director.

  • Jeremy Stops The Bus 5 of 16
    Jeremy Stops The Bus
    When his school bus driver had a heart attack behind the wheel, 13 yr old Jeremy Wuitschick didnt panic. He jumped in the front seat and got the bus stopped, saving a busload of kids from injury. Unfortunately, the driver passed away. Still, Jeremy's quick, calm thinking is something to look up to.

  • Ripping Paper Laughing 6 of 16
    Ripping Paper Laughing
    One of the most awesome things about infants and toddlers is their ability to laugh at anything. If my kids can hang on to that natural sense of humour to find the funny in everything as they grow up, it will be a win.

  • I Want To Be Governor 7 of 16
    I Want To Be Governor
    Jesse Koczon has his sights set high. He's 3 and he wants to be the Governor. Except he can't, and he doesn't like that. Set the bar high, kids. Set the bar high. Cause maybe your Governor is as awesome as Governor Christie and will even declare you Governor for the day.

  • First Time Ski Jump 8 of 16
    First Time Ski Jump
    10 year old Zia stood at the top of the 40m ski jump in Park City Utah this winter and was nervous. She had never jumped from this height before. "Here goes something I guess," she says to herself, mustering the courage. "OK, you can do this. I'm gonna jump." Her scream at the end is awesome for anyone who just has to believe "I can do it!"

  • I Need A Job! 9 of 16
    I Need A Job!
    Anna Graceman's 5 year old sister has her priorities straight, and she's not going to compromise. She's going to stay true to her goals, and keep her focus on what's important to he first. Gotta love her determination.

  • Riley The Superhero 10 of 16
    Riley The Superhero
    Riley is not a fan of marketing. She doesn't like that her section at the store is always filled with pink stuff. Why can't she have superhero toys? Why can't boys be princesses?

  • Bohemian Rhapsody Family 11 of 16
    Bohemian Rhapsody Family
    The family that sings Queen together, stays together. EVERYONE buys into this ridiculous ritual that Dad says happens every. single. morning. on the ride to school.

  • Sophia Grace and Rosie 12 of 16
    Sophia Grace and Rosie
    This tiara wearing tutu'd twosome, has an infectious enthusiasm for life that just doesn't quit.

  • Audri’s Rube Goldberg Mouse Trap 13 of 16
    Audri's Rube Goldberg Mouse Trap
    Audri is 7 and wants to study physics at MIT when he grows up. So, at 7, he has taken to hypothesizing experiments with things like Rube Goldberg machines. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious.

  • J Mac’s Hoop Dreams 14 of 16
    J Mac's Hoop Dreams
    Jason McElwain has autism. He loves basketball and spent the entire year shagging balls and helping out with his high school team. Then he got tossed in to the final home game of the season and 20 points in 4 minutes. This video isn't about what JMac did, but about how others were cheering for him when he did it. I hope to have a child so loved by his peers.

  • Zoe and The Mini Band 15 of 16
    Zoe and The Mini Band
    Eight-year-old Zoe is the guitarist for The Mini Band, a group of rocking kids who are among 2012′s biggest viral video stars.

  • Zacharie Reads To Charlie 16 of 16
    Zacharie Reads To Charlie
    Ok, these kids aren't viral (yet), but they are my boys. I'm so proud of Zacharie and the empathy he has for his little brother, Charlie. Z is a super big brother and even though he can't read, he still takes the time to share stories with C.


Do you have any childhood mentors for your children?

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