25 Instagram Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were Going Back to School

You’ve already checked everything off your kid’s back-to-school supply list, every child in your family is sporting a fresh new haircut, and your kiddies have all chimed in on their favorite lunchbox snacks. It’s safe to say school is back in session! To celebrate your kids’ first days of school over the past couple of weeks, we rounded up our favorite Instagram photos that had us dreaming of freshly sharpened pencils and nabbing the “cool seat” in the back of the school bus. Enjoy!

  • 25 Instagram Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were Going Back to School 1 of 26
  • All smiles 2 of 26

    Move over, kiddies — there's a new first-grader on campus!

    — Photo by Jessica Erickson, @allorahhandmade, Allora Handmade

  • Three’s company 3 of 26

    With three Karwowskis on campus, their teachers won't know what hit ‘em!

    — Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @classychaos, Classy Chaos

  • Dressed to impress 4 of 26

    From her chic polka-dot dress to his killer mohawk, this pair's bound to be the most stylish duo on the playground.

    — Photo by Gabrielle Blair, @designmomblog, Celebrations with Design Mom

  • Pretty in plaid 5 of 26

    We can't imagine a more dapper-looking duo than this brother and sister on their first day of school!

    — Photo by Molly Thornberg, @digitalmom, Babble blogger

  • Ready to get schooled 6 of 26

    We spy with our little eye: three adorable rugrats, two stylish striped tees, and one trendy pair of glasses.

    — Photo by Kristen Doyle, @dineanddish, Dine & Dish

  • Bring it on 7 of 26

    With the sun shining bright on her first day, she couldn't wait to see what the school year had in store for her!

    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things

  • Never grow up 8 of 26

    "Mom, you're not going to school! What are you doing in our photo?!"

    — Photo by Heather @heatheroftheeo, The Extraordinary Ordinary

  • California dreams 9 of 26

    She valiantly kissed her mama goodbye and headed off for her first day of school in California.

    — Photo by Catherine Connors, @herbadmother, Bad Mother Confidential

  • Elementary style file 10 of 26

    We don't know what we like more, her trendy lime green skinnies or that awesome side backpack. Lookin' good!

    — Photo by Karen Owens, @karen446680, Owens Family

  • Not amused 11 of 26

    "Mom, do I seriously have to go back to school?!" We feel your pain.

    — Photo by Rachelle Francey, @kenziepoo, Kenziepoo


  • Say cheese! 12 of 26

    There was no denying he was ready to go back to school.

    — Photo by Fredrick J. Goodall, @mochadad, Mocha Dad

  • Four of a kind 13 of 26

    Haircut? Check! New outfit? Check! These four are ready to hit the halls in adorable fashion.

    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @momfluential, Babble blogger

  • Sisterly love 14 of 26

    If this isn't the most adorable first-day-of-school send off, we don't know what is!

    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @mooshinindy, Babble blogger

  • Coming out of his shell 15 of 26

    With that ridiculously cool ninja turtles lunchbox, he's bound to be the most popular kid in the cafeteria.

    —Photo by Jessi Connolly, @naptimediaries, Naptime Diaries

  • Backpack it up! 16 of 26

     With her brand-new purple book-bag and pink kicks, there was nothing that could put a damper on her first day!

    — Photo by Jaime Morrison Curtis, @prudentjaime, Babble blogger

  • The budding musician 17 of 26

    She's all smiles because she just heard band practice was extended an extra hour. Score!

    Photo by Heather Sokol, @heathersokol, Babble blogger

  • Too cool for school 18 of 26

    We don't know what's cooler — her striped skirt and headband or his stellar yellow kicks. Rock on!

    — Photo by Kirsten Grove, @simplygrove, Simply Grove

  • Read it and weep 19 of 26

    His mama couldn't believe he was starting his first day of first grade. They grow up so fast.

    — Photo by Rachel Matthews, @sthrnfairytale, Southern Fairytale

  • Goofing around 20 of 26

    Just because it was the first day of school didn't mean there wasn't time for some silliness.

    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @sundayspill, The Sunday Spill

  • Camera shy 21 of 26

    "Mom, I warned you what would happen if you took one more photo of me!"

    Photo by Morgan Shanahan, @the818, Babble blogger

  • Ready for kindergarten 22 of 26

    She couldn't wait for all of the new friends she was going to make at school this year!

     — Photo by Samantha Ettus, @samanthaettus, Working Moms Lifestyle

  • Look out, third graders! 23 of 26

    We imagine he grows up to be quite the heartbreaker. Watch out, mama!

    Photo by @shellthings, Things I Can't Say

  • A fresh new year 24 of 26

    "Mom, hurry up and take the photo. I can't be late for first period!"

    — Photo by Aimee Giese, @greeblemonkey, Greeble Monkey

  • Grin and share it 25 of 26

    We've never seen two kids so excited for the first day of school. What's your trick, mom?

    — Photo by Jeannette Kaplun, @jeannettekaplun, Mamifesto

  • "E" is for Eager 26 of 26

    She couldn't wait to get in there and show her teacher what she's made of!

    — Photo by Ana Flores, @laflowers, Besos


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