25 Instagram Photos That Capture the Joy of Summer

Today you spent the entire day at the beach. Yesterday you walked down to the boardwalk and rode every ride — twice. And last week you fought your kids for the first turn down the Slip ‘N Slide. It’s safe to say summer is in full gear! To commemorate these three unbearably hot yet endlessly fun months, we rounded up our 25 favorite Instagram photos that capture the season. Take off your sunnies, finish up your popsicle, and enjoy!

  • 25 Instagram Photos That Capture the Joy of Summer 1 of 26
  • Summer shades 2 of 26

    We don't know what's cooler — these retro sunnies or that spectacular view.
    — Noel, @imoments, Bosh Images

  • Just keep swimming 3 of 26

    We bet Max could teach us a thing or two about doggy paddling.
    — Photo by Stasha, @northwestmommy, The Good Life

  • Float on 4 of 26

    Mr. Rubber Duckie sure knows how to help you relax.
    — Photo by James, @bleubird, Bleubird

  • Here’s the scoop 5 of 26
    aimeebourque 3

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for … summer!
    — Photo by Aimee Wimbush-Bourque, @aimeebourque, Simple bites

  • Curb your enthusiasm 6 of 26

    Who's psyched for summer?! Us, too.
    — Photo by Mandy, @teammandy, The Haps

  • You’re so slick 7 of 26

    Let the Slip ‘N Slide championship commence!
    — Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @classychaos, Classy Chaos

  • Hanging out 8 of 26

    We're not sure what flying feels like, but we imagine it's something like this …
    — Photo by Dariela Cruz, @darielacruz, Mami Talks

  • Rainbow skies 9 of 26

    Why can't there be an ombre sunset every day of the week?
    — Photo by Doug French, @dougfrench, When the Flames Go Up

  • Cowboy charmer 10 of 26

    The first rule of every summer road trip? Make new friends.
    — Photo by Lauren Hartmann, @thelittlethingswedo, Babble blogger

  • Here comes the sun 11 of 26

    "Not now, mom. I'm working on my tan."
    — Photo by Kirsten Grove, @simplygrove, Simply Grove

  • Swim on 12 of 26

    She heard that if you spend enough time in the water, you'll turn into a mermaid. Keep us posted.
    — Photo by @scenebyme, Scene By Me

  • When life hands you lemons … 13 of 26

    ... Set up shop at the end of your block. We'll take a glass.
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things

  • Surfs up 14 of 26

    "One day, that'll be me."
    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @glitterfulfelt, OC Mom Blog

  • Too cool for the pool 15 of 26

    With matching sunnies, these kids were ready to hit the water in style.
    — Photo by Amanda Williams, @life_edited, Life. Edited.

  • What a sight 16 of 26

    Insert quarter. Turn notch. Enjoy the view.
    — Photo by Andrea, @hulaseventy, Hula Seventy

  • Kicking and screaming 17 of 26

    Summer goal: to create the biggest wave our pool's ever seen.
    — Photo by Cyndi Monaghan, @elf_girl, Mermaids and Moss

  • Cabana kids 18 of 26

    Nothing like catching up on your favorite reads, poolside.
    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @mommyshorts, Babble blogger

  • Take a dip 19 of 26

    There are few things in life greater than an inflatable swimming pool.
    — Photo by Morgan, @the818, The 818

  • Say "freeze!" 20 of 26

    Popsicles = happy kids.
    — Photo by Jessica Shyba, @mommasgonecity, Momma's Gone City

  • Let it slide 21 of 26

    We imagine she'd spend every summer day on that slide if she could.
    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @mooshinindy, Babble blogger

  • Sweet, sweet summer 22 of 26

    It looks like this is the beginning of a watermelon-spitting contest. Take cover!
    — Photo by Moriah Sunde, @moriahsunde, Moriah Makes

  • Taking it all in 23 of 26

    As he looked out across the city, he didn't think summer could get more picturesque than this.
    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @momfluential, Casa de Chaos

  • Color me pretty 24 of 26

    Fireworks, sparklers, and gorgeous night skies … summer is here.
    — Photo by Emily Elling, @designhermomma, Design Her Momma

  • Finding some shade 25 of 26

    "I'm not hiding, mom; I'm trying to beat these rays." Smart kid.
    — Photo by Keli Hoskins, @kelihoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia

  • Feeling crabby? 26 of 26

    "I shall dub, thee: Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebesation, Jr."
    — Photo by Xanthe Berkeley, @xantheb, Xanthe Berkeley


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