Introducing Myself To The Lost And Found At School

elementary school lost and foundWe live on the prairies of Canada. Calgary, Alberta is just a 3 hour drive north of Montana in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Snow fell 2 weeks ago and while that’s not abnormal (it has only never not snowed before Halloween twice) the odd part is that the snow hasn’t left. Temperatures have been below freezing for 2 weeks. It has basically been winter. In mid-October.

So that has meant we have had to have our 5 year old wear snow boots, warm jackets, sweaters, dickies, snow pants, and gloves or mittens every morning for his jaunt to kindergarten. And wouldn’t you know it, after just a 2 week taste test of winter,¬†we are ¬†already down 2 gloves.


They’re like socks in the dryer, these gloves in the winter. They wander off to some secret single’s hideaway. A winter retreat to Club Med for lost gloves, mittens, where the year-round single socks act as counsellors showing every glove a good time.

“I have something to tell you, but I don’t want to tell you,” my son said immediately after being dismissed from class. “I lost my red glove. I looked and I don’t know where it is.”

We went back to the door where they are told to take off their boots at recess and lunch, nothing. Then we marched up to the front of the school and the Holy Grail of “Where did that go?” – The Lost and Found. We found entire lunch bags, hats, shoes, thermoses, gloves, bags, and coats. So many coats!

I knew there was going to be some trouble with a kid having to sherpa so much gear at such a young age, but judging by the sizes of the gear in the Lost And Found, the loss of life is not limited to mittens as they grow older.

Two mittens in two weeks. Each one a right, so I can’t even send him off to school like a mismatched misfit until the opposite inevitably shows up after a season away at Glove Med.

Our son’s teachers have promised a clothesline of lost mittens in the hallway over the winter. I hope they have enough clothespins.

What has your kid lost at school?

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