Is Fatherhood a Thankless Job?

According to my husband and all the men I know, whenever they are out with their kids they are treated like heroes.

Smiles, nods, comments infused with adoration. “What a good dad!”

“Look at those cute little scamps!”

“Your wife is so lucky!”

Good dad? He’s a GREAT dad. Cute? My children are hands-down PRECIOUS. And yes, I am one very lucky woman–I dare say, BLESSED AND ENCHANTED.  But that’s not my point.

Point is, anecdotal evidence shows that people are nicer to my husband when he’s out with the kids than they are to me when I’m out with the kids. Why is that?

Is it because my husband is more of a novelty? Dudes. I live in Provo, Utah. Lots of brothers are out with their kids. It’s just not that rare.

Is it because people subconsciously expect less from dads so they cheer when they see them out in public? That can’t be right. Maybe? Is the inverse true, then–that we expect more from moms? So when we see moms schlepping kids and groceries we just think: Obviously.

I don’t know what to make of it. It is 2012, right?

Nevertheless, far be it for me to look a gift-sucker in the mouth.  I’m happy my husband is treated this way. It makes him much more likely to take the kids out by himself to run errands on a Saturday which means more time for me at home alone to blog in peace and quiet. Score!

Motherhood, however, IS a thankless job.

I had some weird father figures.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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