Is Fear a Factor in Your Parenting?

I am a worry-wart by nature — it’s always been who I am. Some may call me anxious but to me I am just … well, me. If you’ve gotten to know me you will also know that I am a perfectionist, control-freak. I have this “problem” with not knowing what’s going to happen and parenting is full of all that — the unknown.

I don’t let my fears get in the way too much, but I would be lying if I said I never second guess myself. I think it’s only human and when we are faced with parenting — you know, raising humans to be a valuable part of this world — that can seem overwhelming at times. I know that these fears are pointless because I truly believe (if I can toot my own horn here) that I am doing my best and raising some pretty great humans. Despite that those little voices creep in from time to time — (usually when I am tired as all can be) and make me wonder …

Click through for a list of my fear factors — parenting edition:

  • Sleep 1 of 7
    I wish I had the magic answer for 'is my child getting enough sleep'. I find myself fearing that they are not getting enough and it will effect big areas in their life.
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  • Nutrition 2 of 7
    My kids can be very picky eaters -- like most children. I fear that I am not providing them with the exact perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients will still allowing them to 'be a kid'.
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  • School 3 of 7
    My kids started school this year and I am all over fear with it. I worry that they won't make friends, that they won't do 'well', that they will be bullied... The list goes on (read: unknown!)
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  • Earlier Years 4 of 7
    Earlier Years
    I wish I could see the future and see if the choices we made for our children when they were even younger then they are now will have a negative impact. I fear that there might be one or a few that will.
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  • Illness/Injury 5 of 7
    Probably big on the list for many parents -- a fear of my child getting really sick or injuring themselves badly. I'm not talking about the everyday sick and injured but the big deal scary ones.
    Image: Sura Nualpradid
  • Attention 6 of 7
    Having three children close in age I sometimes find myself wondering if I am giving themselves enough individual attention. I fear that one will feel left out one day or not as loved.
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  • Will They Notice? 7 of 7
    Will They Notice?
    I fear my kids will notice that I don't know what I am doing. Even if I feel unsure -- will they pick up on that and not feel safe?
    Image: Stuart Miles

With a job as important as raising children — it’s no wonder we can all be a little second-guessing and unsure at times.Evidently fear is a factor for me.

Do you have any parenting fears you worry about from time to time?

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