Is This 4th Grade Science (Religion) Test Real?

Is this 4th Grade Science test real? Snopes isn't even sure.Don’t get me started on religion in public schools.

I have famously declared that I will never take my children to church, and while I agree that some religious practices can have great cultural meaning, I draw the line at bearded cloud men determining Tebow‘s passing percentage or whether it will be Beyonce or Rihanna with the Grammy sweep. I want to raise free thinking kids.

That said, I am fully behind personal spirituality. Prayer as meditation to shut out the world and focus yourself to gain an inner peace is great.

I cannot and will not support the suppression of science in the name of mythology. That’s why my interest was piqued when I saw this 4th Grade Science (Religion) Test (below) floating around Facebook the past week or so.

I checked Snopes to see if it was legit. Surely, it must be photoshopped, no school curriculum would include this sort of nonsense – would it?

Snopes isn’t so sure.

The image was originally posted to Reddit’s r/atheism forum and is purportedly from a private school in South Carolina. The user has said he will identify the school at the end of the year because he doesn’t want the kid “to get in trouble.”

A Snopes reader offered up the second page of the quiz saying it belonged to his 10 year old daughter and she will not be attending the school next year. Snopes is siding on the ‘probably real’ side of the debate, which is absolutely terrifying to me.

Is this 4th grade science test real? Is this 4th grade science test real?

A follow up question then to “real or not real?”, perhaps is: “reasonable or not reasonable?” Is it reasonable for a school to teach this sort of information to children as fact instead of mythology?

No, I wasn’t there with the dinosaurs eleventy billion years ago, but you weren’t either. #teamscience

Images via Snopes

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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