It is OK for Boys to Play With Dolls. Really!

0f548448b04511e2b55422000a9f1377_7When we had a little girl doll’s started to become part of our every day existence. This past weekend we celebrated her second birthday with a small birthday party with lots of girly gifts including her first cabbage patch doll.

Well, it was twins. They have these really neat surprise twins at Toys R Us these days. They are all dressed up in actual cabbage patches, and when you open them up you find out what color hair they have, as well as their gender.

Needless to say, they were a hit with our daughter. But they were also a huge hit with our sons.

A storm started to brew over the toys. I hate being unfair on birthdays, but I didn’t think the bubbles and sidewalk chalk the boys got were going to cut it. So, off to Toys R Us I went again to scoop up a second set of cabbage patch twins.

Fast forward a couple hours once their sister was settled in for bed, we sat down and opened their surprise twins. Our oldest son was disappointed to find the twin he picked was a girl, while his little brother got the boy doll. But, instead of getting upset he got his “baby” ready for bed like a good daddy would.

I asked him if his Daddy would have returned Addison, his baby sister, if she wasn’t a boy. Which clearly he did not.

But the next day he got up and played with the doll just like his little sister was playing with hers. Diaper changes, feedings, nap time and whatever. I guess he has it all down pat from watching his own baby sister grow up.

But we are slowly working on smashing gender stereotypes via toys. He can play with dolls if that is what he likes. It isn’t going to make him a pansy or turn him gay like some extremist’s believe. If anything (I can see already) it is going to not only make him a more compassionate child, but also teach him to be an amazing father. Yes, these are little things you can see at even the young age of five.

He also enjoys playing with his little sister’s play kitchen. Originally we bought it for her thinking her brothers would be completely uninterested in it. We were wrong, and its a community kitchen. Hours on end are spent cooking meals, washing dishes and performing chores that would often be associated as women’s work.

I guess I just want to bust apart stereotypes. I love that the boys want to play with dolls. I don’t care if it makes me a crappy parent in the eyes of some. It is perfectly fine, and something most kids should be doing!

Do your sons play with dolls?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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