It's Election Season! How About These GOP-Inspired Outfits?

If you’re like most people, you’re thinking about dressing your baby in a Mitt Romney-inspired outfit.


This weekend I was looking at a post about some very funny Obama gear when suddenly it struck me! What are Mitt Romney fans supposed to do?!  Aren’t there adorable outfits for the GOP supporters as well? I mean, I make no pretense of supporting that guy, but surely in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave there are a few things to dress your kid in to show that you support of tax cuts for kazillionaires, right?


So even though I don’t love clothing with sayings, I have selflessly put together some outfits that every GOP baby can enjoy. That’s patriotism, folks!

Click through for some selections for youngest Friends of Mitt!

  • Mitt Paul in the fall 1 of 5
    Mitt Paul in the fall
    Love the rhyme! And the flag motif. Patriotism and Poetry: the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be.
    Purchase on Etsy for $16
  • R-O-M-N-E-Y bracelet 2 of 5
    R-O-M-N-E-Y bracelet
    Now with real sapphires! Ok, maybe not, but a girl can dream! This bracelet certainly gets the message across and its simple design is very "I built it".
    Purchase on Etsy for $5
  • Weepublican outfit 3 of 5
    Weepublican outfit
    A "weepublican" t-shirt and republican ruffle pants. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh has a set.
    Purchase on Etsy for $30
  • Mitt Romney for President Protecting My Future 4 of 5
    Mitt Romney for President Protecting My Future
    I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I think that may actually be The Fonz on that t-shirt.
    Purchase on Etsy for $16.99
  • Mitt Romney is My Homeboy 5 of 5
    Mitt Romney is My Homeboy
    I don't quite know what this catchy saying is, but I can pretty much guarantee if you put your kid in one of these, she'll write a memoir entitled My Mom Dressed Me in a Mitt Romney is My Homeboy Onesie. Hey, there are worse ways to make a living.
    Purchase on Etsy for $14

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