It’s National Sibling Day! 7 Reasons My Kids Are Lucky To Have Each Other

So, guess what? Today is National Sibling Day! A day to celebrate all the awesome things about having a sibling or at least try to convince your kids of that.

As I am battling infertility right now while we try to add a 4th child into our family, I think a lot about those families struggling with secondary infertility in hopes of adding a second child to their family. I am so grateful that my kids have each other and my heart aches for any family who has been working to add to their family and are met with more struggles than anyone should.

In the spirit of National Sibling Day and reflecting on my own infertility journey, there are some amazing reasons my kids are also lucky to have each other (just as I am to have them).

  • It’s National Siblings Day 1 of 8
    It's National Siblings Day
    They argue, they fight, they love hard and they're lucky to have each other. Even if they don't really know that yet.
  • Forever Friends 2 of 8
    Forever Friends
    It's been important to my husband and I that our kids grow up knowing who their siblings are -- like really knowing. We do what we can to ensure they have a positive, strong and healthy bond so they can be forever friends. I have that with my siblings and it's meant the world to me.
  • Benefits of More Things! 3 of 8
    Benefits of More Things!
    With more kids comes more stuff and that means sharing and caring. The girls have a large wardrobe that they can switch out. They have access to many toys, books, movies and they learn to share.
  • Always Someone to Play With 4 of 8
    Always Someone to Play With
    They each have their own built-in playmate and there's always someone to play with around here. When Speed is at school, the girls play and when they're all home, they all play together.
  • Always Learning New Things 5 of 8
    Always Learning New Things
    It's so amazing to watch my kids teach each other things. Yesterday, Raru was teaching Bean how to count in French everyone gets a chance to teach someone something new.
  • Learn Conflict Resolution 6 of 8
    Learn Conflict Resolution
    I am thrilled to say that my kids, generally, get a long well. I've not had to deal with large tantrums or fights between the kids and when there is an issue, they're learning how to work out their differences.
  • A Translator 7 of 8
    A Translator
    Bean is 4-years old and sometimes, I don't quite understand what she's trying to tell me. For the most part I do, but in those times I am looking for more clarification -- Speed and Raru always seem to know what she's trying to say.
  • Someone to Vent To 8 of 8
    Someone to Vent To
    Let's face it, sometimes we need to vent and it's always best when it's to someone who really gets what's going on. They have each other now and forever to vent to about me, their dad and their crazy, loving family.
    So silly that I have to say this, but I have a feeling someone will think it. The kids are not in their car seats because we weren't moving. We were at a Drive-In Movie"

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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