It’s Okay, Mom – Just Order A Pizza

e3541574e50111e2a23322000aaa04c3_7Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amount of “EAT THIS, NOT THAT! OMG YOU FEED YOUR KID WHAT?!” that pervades our culture of motherhood. We’re taught about the benefits of organic food and the dangers of GMOs. We’re warned to stay away from MSG and substitute turkey for beef and stay away from sugary cereals.

Confession: There are mass-produced chicken nuggets in my freezer and chocolate milk in my fridge and Hamburger Helper in my pantry.

Disclaimer: I don’t feed my family all of that all of the time.

I am careful to provide raw fruits and vegetables for our family. There’s a basket of apples on the counter, and spinach staying crisp, and free-range organic chicken in the oven, flanked by cauliflower and carrots. You won’t find a drop of soda in our house and the milk is all organic.

But on Friday nights after a hectic, busy week of work and a 5:30 Body Pump class, I pull into the driveway and let out a sigh. I’m tired, all the way down to my bones. Standing in the kitchen to prepare a homemade and healthy meal is the last thing I want to do.

I just want to order a pizza.

I wonder often if that makes me a bad mom, that selfishly I just want to phone it in while wearing pajama pants. Then I shake off that feeling and remember that moderation is the spice of life and it’s Friday, so I pick up the phone and call Dominos.

So fellow momma, shake off that guilt and order that pizza if you’ve had a hard day. You can feed him tofu tomorrow.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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