It's Prom Season! Babble's Bloggers, Readers and Staff Share Their Prom Pictures

Sarah, our beloved Babble Voices blogger

Oh prom, the night of all nights in a teenager’s life.

Whether you glammed it up, boozed it up, or sexed it up on your prom night, we know it was a night to remember. 

From dates gone bad to valuable lessons pertaining to alcohol consumption, we at here at Babble believe in celebrating the awesomeness that is prom.

We asked our readers, bloggers, and staff to dust off those old photo albums to bring you the most supremely awesome collection of prom memories for your viewing pleasure.

Move over Teen Vogue, we’ve got your prom covered!

  • Reece 1 of 15
    "Senior year prom — Emma, my date, had a mild beard-fixation. I had a mild inability to grow facial hair / feel shame."
    ~Reece, Babble Social Media Analyst
  • Amber 2 of 15
    "My senior prom night was the second time ever that I let my mom and sister put make-up on my face, the first being my junior prom. I waited almost a decade before I really picked up the habit. The under-eye bags that came with motherhood were a powerful motivator."
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  • Aaron 3 of 15
    "This photo is from Senior Ball 2006 (at my high school we had Junior Prom and Senior Ball). I attended with my friend Molly and we had a splendid evening! The actual ball was at the Empire State plaza in Albany, NY and it was fun, but the best part of the night was the after ball party. We went to a friends cabin outside of Albany with about 20 good friends. It wasn't the craziest of parties, but it was a great way to cap off a great night!"
    ~Aaron, Babble Social Media Intern
  • Danielle 4 of 15
    "Even though I didn't spend my Junior or Senior Year in my high school, I was fortunate enough to celebrate my prom with the graduating class of 2003!"
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  • Alexandra 5 of 15
    "That's my best friend in the photo with me--most kids in my high school didn't bring a date to our prom (at the Plaza!)"
    ~Alexandra, Babble Blog Coordinator
  • Me 6 of 15
    This is my date, he was cute as a button. I wore teal velvet and shared a limo with an ex. The rest of my prom story can be found
  • Andrea 7 of 15
    "(P.S. That's not my date. That's my dad.)"
    ~Andrea, Babble Manager, Blogs + Social Media
  • Casey 8 of 15
    "I thought I was so cool in my vintage dress with elbow length gloves and vintage velvet hat. Oh wait, I totally was, I was hip before hip was even a thing. And damn if my date didn't look good in a tux. Aw, I was so little."
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  • Dara 9 of 15
    "Wow, senior prom. I learned a valuable lesson that night about mixing. Let's just say my parents had to pick me up from the after party ...."
    ~Dara, Babble Managing Editor
  • Debi 10 of 15
    "Mine was pretty horrific, my dress I mean. The date was ok but the dress was so 1990. It is scary to look at now!"
    Read more from Debi at The Truth About Motherhood
  • Andrea 11 of 15
    "My senior prom was pretty typical for Long Island, NY: it was held at some hotel ballroom, then a bunch of us went to Seaside, NJ (yes, the Seaside made famous by Snooki & Co.) for a couple nights of partying in absolutely disgusting motels. This is me and my friend Andrew — we were junior and senior prom dates. I've always liked this picture of us. So flattering, right?"
    ~Andrea, Babble Associate Editor
  • Devan 12 of 15
    "My date is my now husband who I have been together with since I was 17 years old. He gets better looking with age and I just keep getting older."
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  • Tim 13 of 15
    "I had a lot of fun at my prom. Unfortunately though, I spent most of the night being self-conscious. I used a new type of hair product that day, and it made my hair curl up tightly and appear clumpy...hence, the medusa-like dreads resting on my forehead."
    ~Tim, Babble Social Media Intern
  • Mandy 14 of 15
    "Prom 1994. I went with my friend's brother. My dress was homemade and had a big iron burn mark on the back. Good times."
    Read more from Mandy at Suburban Stereotype
  • Sarah 15 of 15
    "Sadly, there was no award for 'most matching hair'. Sarah and Joe, Tampa, FL, 1989"
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What are your memories of prom?

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