Memorial Day Weekend Means It's Summer

kid screaming on log rideWelcome to the weekend that signals the start of summer.

The Memorial Day Weekend might as well be Christmas Eve for kids, because for the next 3 months it will feel like Christmas every day.

Warm weather means pools, vacations, ice cream, and adventures.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sweet talk my son into climbing on to the log ride at the amusement park.

You don’t get wet,” I will lie again. “The water splashes out. ┬áSee?

I don’t know if he’ll give in this year, but as you can tell by the picture at the left, he loved it last summer.

Here’s a photo essay to inspire you to get ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Ice Cream Man! 1 of 18
    Ice Cream Man!
    The chase will be on every other afternoon or so as the bells ring through the neighborhoods. Your kids won't bother putting shoes on, chase him down in their socks if they have to!
  • Winning! 2 of 18
    Sure, I may have beaten a gang of 7 year olds in a water pistol game to win these prizes, but we won!
  • Fishing 3 of 18
    Zacharie loves fishing, hates eating fish. He thinks it's fun to catch them, but immediately says "Put him back!" As soon as the fish lands on the dock.
  • Sand 4 of 18
    Sand will. be. every. where. this summer. In between fingers, and toes, to be sure. Then in the car, in diapers, in mouths, in hair. Summer = sand.
  • Open Roads 5 of 18
    Open Roads
    This will be the view out the front window for many, many hours.
  • Smores 6 of 18
    It's a right of passage.
  • The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth 7 of 18
    The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth
    It's the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede this summer. You should come.
  • Party Pools 8 of 18
    Party Pools
    Not everyone gets to have a big backyard. Ours is tiny. This is our pool.
  • Camping 9 of 18
    We're not very good at it. We only go one night at a time. Still, camping is one of the best bonding experiences my son and I have.
  • Throwing Rocks 10 of 18
    Throwing Rocks
    If there isn't sand, there will be rocks. And they need to be thrown back in the water.
  • Rest Area 11 of 18
    Rest Area
    There will be many breaks in the road trips, and if all the picnic tables are taken, we'll tail gate.
  • Ice Cream 12 of 18
    Ice Cream
    If you can't catch the Ice Cream Man, visit a shop and chill on a bench.
  • Waterpark 13 of 18
    Our down has more water parks than beaches. When it gets hot, that's where we go to get wet.
  • Lemonade Stands 14 of 18
    Lemonade Stands
    Every kid's first shot at being an entrepreneur.
  • Geocaching 15 of 18
    We will get out, explore, and uncover all sorts of treasures this summer.
  • Mini Putt 16 of 18
    Mini Putt
    Not quite the same swing as Rory McIlroy.
  • Hiking 17 of 18
    We will find a trail, and follow.
  • Sprinkler 18 of 18
    Has there ever been a greater invention?

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