It’s the Little Things: How to Share the Message of Valentine’s Day with Kids All Year Long

Little ThingsEach day after school my son climbs into the car and tosses his book bag onto the seat next to him.

As he clicks his seat belt, I’m careful to give him an opportunity to get settled before rattling off my questions about his day. Before long we’re driving down the road together, just the two of us, enjoying several minutes of one-on-one time before picking up his younger siblings at preschool.

It’s our time to be together, and it’s often the only bit of alone time he and I are able to share in the course of a day. It’s special to us both: we can laugh, listen to his favorite music, or just talk about what’s happening in our lives. It’s something he’s commented on as being one of his favorite times of his day, and that’s true for me as well.

As parents, we sometimes focus on the big events in our children’s lives: the Christmas mornings, the birthday parties, the first days of school. When you think about it, though, the small gestures of love are what really contribute to their security, and anchor them in a way like nothing else.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your child just how much he or she is loved. Why not share the message of the holiday all year round by doing “little things” that will mean a lot to them?

Here are six “little things” some of our favorite bloggers do to show their kiddos how much they’re loved. We hope they’ll inspire you not only on Valentine’s Day, but during the rest of the year as well.

Have a “little thing” to share? Leave it in the comments!

  • Family Bedtime Tradition 1 of 6
    Family Bedtime Tradition
    "I scratch my daughter's back at bedtime. My mother did it for me and I loved those quiet moments where I was the only person who mattered, so I make the time to do it for her. It's a great way to end the day."

    -Nicole, of In These Small Moments
  • Love Notes 2 of 6
    Love Notes
    "I put a note in my daughter Lola's lunch pretty much every day, sometimes a little poem, drawings, stickers."

    -Maggie May, of Flux Capacitor
  • Sweet Dreams 3 of 6
    Sweet Dreams
    "I whisper in each of my kids' ears just before bedtime something I am proud of them for that day."

    - Devan, of Unspoken Grief
  • A Shared Project 4 of 6
    A Shared Project
    "When my baby naps, I take my older daughter to her art room and we make something together! It's a special time that she looks forward to each day!"

    - Lacy of Living on Love
  • Date Night 5 of 6
    Date Night
    "We have 'date nights' where my husband or I take just one child on an outing all by themselves."

    - Stacy, of Is There Any Mommy Out There?
  • Words of Love 6 of 6
    Words of Love
    "My daughter and I have a little thing we say:
    Whose baby are you?...Yours!
    Who do you love?...You!
    How much?...Deeper than the ocean!
    For how long?...Forever!
    She loves to answer the questions and berates me if I leave one out. Then lots of kisses follow."

    Lesile, of Life in Every Limb

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